Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Two days at sea, January 23-24

It was more like three days at sea since we left Port Chalmers because we did not touch land at Milford Sound or anywhere else at Fiordland National Park. We were headed for Hobart in Tasmania and we were sailing in some of the rougher water in the route. They said the sea is always "lively" in this part of the Tasman Sea; luckily, our ship have stabilizers and they did the job well.

This is a shot from the Promenade deck around 9 in the morning


Our ever helpful waiter "undressing" the lobster tail

My main course - fillet of fish again. I love fish fillet but I am not that crazy about it. I just had to limit my dietary choice to food low in uric acid for the time being because "El Goucho" visited me (my gout flared up)!

I ran into our dining room waiter at the galley tour and I asked him to pose for me for a picture.

Shown in the Atrium are some cruisers in their formal attire


Steven (Cavite DP) said...

Wow! That fish fillet sure looks like a treat! The dining room waiter looks Filipino to me. I think he is.

Thank you so much for your comment on my last post. We were almost 12,000 at the university and more than 10,000 attended. I am so proud of my fellow schoolmates for being so active and supportive of our Alma Mater.


bertN said...

You are right that waiter is a Pinoy. More than half of the crew on board this cruise ship are from the Philippines - from ship officer,entertainers, photographers, bartenders, chefs, dining and stateroom attendants, engineering personnel and general maintenace crew.

Without our kababayan, this cruise ship and others everywhere in the world will not function efficiently and profitably for their owners.

BTW, I did not realize you have such a huge school population!

thess said...

Kainis kapag on a trip tapos may bawal kainin ano? May 'el goucho' din mister ko kaya bawal seafoods and red meat among other things.

You're right, most ship crews are Pinoy because they're known for their warmth and hardwork. Some men in my family were seafarers and am proud of them.