Friday, September 26, 2008


This old British sportscar is like the one my old college buddy had, except his was flaming red in color. After college, we both worked for the same agency in the Philippines where almost half of our time was spent in the field. He put his base salary in the bank while mine went to my parents to helped support the rest of my siblings in school. We both lived on our field allowances, which were more than enough to covered our needs. After a few years, he was able to save enough money to buy his dream car, a previously owned Triumph sportscar while I still had to rely on my "cadi lakad." LOL.

I saw this vintage plane on display at Fullerton Airport and it reminded me the pilots during that time fly in open cockpits. It must have been fun flying like that except for the noise generated by the engine and the strong wind blowing against your face.

This is a picture I took while walking along the beach. The dark spot you can barely see in the background is platform Emmy, an oil platform. When I was still working, there were times when I had to go there. There's a heliport not far from the beach and it takes only a few minutes via helicopter to get to the platform.

You can see the outline of Huntington Beach pier in the distance, a pier that was destroyed by an unusually strong storm. It was subsequently rebuilt and made stronger to withstand nature's tantrums.

Across the street from the beach are these nice but expensive condos. For the money they are asking, I'll rather live a few miles inland and just bike to the beach.

Monday, September 15, 2008

An amphibious car

Isn't this a perfect car to have when you live in a city where flooding is a way of life? No matter how deep the flood is, you can go on your merry way with no fear of being stranded. You can drive across rivers and "sail" in the lakes. I don't think you will feel safe cruising the ocean though. I have doubts if it can handle rough seas at all - it will probably sink faster that you can shout, "Help" LOL.

Looks good on land!

Just in case the engine conked out, there is an oar to help propel the car and life vests if the car decides to go downward instead of forward LOL.

Check out the propellers and the location of the exhaust pipe.

Does the view under the hood gives you confidence that it will get you to your destination come hell or high water? Maybe come high water... but hell?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Huntington Beach, California September 2008

I went to Huntington Beach pier to check out the Farmer's market that is set up at the foot of the pier every weekend. I arrived around eleven in the morning and decided to park at the far end of Main street where parking is easy enough to find and walked to the beach. I was surprised that there was not much traffic and very few pedestrians - probably because it was a Friday, the sky was overcast and all the young people were at school.

A view of Main street which is normally teeming with people either shopping or looking for a place to eat

Taken near the foot of HB beach pier where Main street formed a T with Pacific Coast Highway

An almost empty beach extending as far as the eyes can see

A few fishermen trying their luck at the end of the pier. On a good day, the catch can be rewarding but even on days when the fishes are on vacation somewhere else, it is very relaxing to spend the day wetting your line LOL.

There are surfers even on days when the waves are so-so

Farmer's market just starting to open for the day

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Seal Beach, California September 2008

I was driving along PCH on my way to Long Beach when I spotted a long line of cars making their way to the US Navy Weapons Station in Seal Beach. I saw a navy ship at dockside so I figured it was an invitation by the US Navy for the public to tour their ship, a thing they often do at many of their bases. The ship is the guided missile frigate USS McClusky, not as impressive as a battleship or an aircraft carrier, but nevertheless worth a look.

There is a long wait in line to board the ship so I decided to check out their display of war armaments while waiting for the crowd to thin out.

A lightly armored vehicle armed with a machine gun
An armorless version?

These kids wanted their picture taken with a couple of marines, one of which is pregnant. This is probably a problem when you have females in the military service. I am sure they can fight as well as men but when they are pregnant they can't be combat ready or can they?