Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good-bye Old, Welcome New

Happy New Year Everybody!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

What a difference a weather make

One of my brothers divides his residency between Canada and the US of A. For whatever reason he alone can understand, he prefers to return to Toronto about this time of the year to spend Christmas there. He stays there until it warms up, then he flies back to Southern California. Normally, it is the reverse of what anybody in his right mind would do. I think he lost it when he left the Philippines in the early 70's LOL.

He wanted me to go with him this winter. I tried it once and I am not going to do it again unless California is going down the sea complement of San Andres fault. My other brother who lives in Anaheim said beer tastes better kept cold inside the ref that outside in the snow and I agree with his erudite conclusion LOL.

He is trying to make us envious of their "refreshing" weather.

This is his backyard the day he arrived.

This is how it looked in Orange County a couple of days before he left.

I snapped this photo (and the one above and below) when I took my morning walk in the park across a major street from our home.

It rained Christmas day but it was a shower and not a downpour. The grass and trees need a little bit of watering LOL. California here I came (1969) and here I will stay...maybe not. There is the allure of tropical Philippines and its many, many beautiful islands.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sunday, December 21, 2008

South Coast Plaza Mall, Costa Mesa 2008

When the weather is not suitable for walking outdoor or it is already dark, I usually drive to one of the malls in our area and do my daily walk. One of my favorites is South Coast Plaza which is just a few minutes drive from our place. The problem with walking inside a mall is there are so many distraction (store displays and what nots) and obstruction (people shopping or hanging out). The "problem" is especially bad during the Christmas season but the holiday atmosphere more than compensate for the inconveniences.

A couple of days ago it was raining, so I went to the mall with my point and shoot camera and took some pictures during my walk. I came back at night to take some night shots but I wind up instead at my favorite taco place in the plaza LOL. Talk about burning calories LOL.

You walk in, give your order and find yourself a seat. The server will bring it to your table when ready. Your wait time is very short. They have a very smooth operation, the food is good and the price very reasonable. The place is Wahoo Fish Taco, now it is just Wahoo because they offer more than just fish.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Golden Divas, December 2008

We were at a Pinoy resto in Orange when Pilita Corrales, Carmen Soriano and Carmen Patena walked in. We failed to recognize them at first because they looked so different now (age has something to do with it LOL) than when we used to see them back in Philippines in their prime. I'm sure if they know us then, they'll say the same things to us LOL. They were going to perform at a concert in Anaheim and they or their promoter, were trying to generate more interest for their show in the local Pinoy community. I think they were successful. My wife and sister-in-law attended their performance and they said attendance was great and the aging performers were as good now as they were then.