Monday, May 14, 2012

Mikonos, Greece

The travel distance from Kusadasi to Mikonos is only 102 miles but the ship took all night cruising the Mediterranean Sea so we arrived at port about 7:00 am, just the way it was scheduled. My wife and I have been to this island before but we spent the bulk of our time onshore visiting the neighboring island of Delos to see the famous archeological ruins there. This time we just hang out in Mikonos.

This is how I spend the early morning whether the ship is at port or at sea - walking around the ship for an hour or two.

Toilet sentinel!

Very narrow streets

She became a more interesting subject to watch - thanks to the wind.

Fish cleaning

A mini-farmer's market?

I can sit here all day, drink beer and stare at the ocean. Yeah, right!

This island is inundated with tourists!

I took a leisurely walk back to the ship instead of using my prepaid bus ticket.