Saturday, September 25, 2010

Conservatory of Flowers, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

I was walking inside the Golden Gate Park when a motorist slowed down and asked me for the direction to the Conservatory of Flowers. Although I am a frequent visitor to the park, this is the first time I heard of this place. I later referred to a map of the park to pinpoint its location
and the following day I went to check it out for myself. It is an OK place to visit but it pales in comparison to the nearby De Young Museum, the California Academy of Science or even the Botanical Garden for the admission fee it charges.

This dahlia garden is a stone's throw from the observatory and equally interesting.

View in front of the observatory

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

2010 Orange International Street Fair

The International Street Fair at the City of Orange has been going on every Labor Day weekend for more than 30 years now. My first visit was 25 years ago but for some reason, I have not revisited till this year. It is not a question of time or distance, there are just so many attractions and events in Southern California this one slipped by me for a quarter of a century without even realizing it! When they say Time flies, it really does LOL.

I came early, just half an hour after they opened, things were just stirring up but the temperature was already at 85 deg. F (29.4 deg. C) and for a Southern Californian that is already outside the range of comfort unless you are at the beach. They conveniently set up a cooling station (shown below) where you can walk in and cool down a bit before moving on.

It is best to come at night when there are more music and dancing from various ethnic groups and the crowd is livelier. However, I came to check out the various ethnic food available - they were there alright but I find them overpriced and so-so in taste. There are just so many ethnic restaurants and food venues in LA and Orange counties you developed a sophisticated and discriminating taste after some time - you know when it is good, in taste and in value LOL. The fair is still worth a visit, it is free and you can find free street parkings a short distance away, if you do not want to shell out 10-12 bucks to park near the entrance.

Four dollars for an ear of roasted corn! You can get six of them for a dollar at your local grocery! The Fair is held to raise fund for various charities. The people manning the food booths are volunteers, quit belly-aching and loosen your wallet LOL.

ATMs available in case you run out of cash

Is that enough toilets for you?