Wednesday, July 6, 2011

When the Young Ones Go Cruising

My college age niece and nephews from Northern California decided to reward themselves with a 4-day cruise to Catalina and Ensenada after the school year ended successfully for them (meaning no "D" and "F" LOL). Except for the youngest, they all live away from their respective homes to shorten the commuting distance to their schools and places of work. They all work and study hard, unfortunately, they also party as hard, if not harder. The young ones really know how to have fun.

At the completion of their cruise, some of them stopped by my place before driving back home. They told me I missed out on all the fun. I think I did. But then, I feel I'm too old for their kind of fun and I will just be acting like the Papa Killjoy that I am.

Here are some of the pics they took which they generously shared with me.

Most of them are first time cruisers. You can see from the face of this guy how surprised and excited he was to find out that this is their boat.

Long Beach

Catalina Island

Some of them decided to explore Avalon with rental bikes. I bet they did not cover much ground, they probably decided to hang out at the beach instead.

A section of the beach at Avalon, Catalina Island

This pic was taken at one of the watering holes in Ensenada. The girl in black is my niece and the others are girlfriends of my nephews.

That's one of my nephews getting a lesson in unconventional beer drinking.

I do not know the girl lying on the bar but I know she was not yet drunk, otherwise she would be down on the floor instead LOL.

Get off the pole guys, that's for the bikini dancer!

That's my Irish sister-in-law probably wondering where the boys are. I'm glad that there were elders with these guys to keep them in a certain degree.

I asked them how much they lost at the casino. They said they won. Yeah, right!

Most of these guys are first time cruisers. I'm sure they'll be cruising again, hopefully in celebration of a graduation next time.

If it is any consolation, you know that they will just walk back to their staterooms instead of driving their cars to get home.

Relax! They are just babies.

We've been on this short cruise a couple of times before. It is a cheap and fun way to spend four days away from home. I would have joined them but my wife and I are already booked to go to eastern Mediterranean this August.

See you next cruise! I'll be there for sure if I can take the pole dancer home.