Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 6-8, Cozumel, At Sea and Home

More pics of the cruise ship, the happenings within and the departure for home...and if you say, "It's about time you end this @#*&@"% series, I'm with you LOL.

After sailing overnight, we arrived at Cozumel with other cruise ships with the same idea.

These phone booths are fast becoming an extinct specie in the light of cell phones and such.

I wanted to take this pic to show to my sister, who is partially dependent on a wheelchair, that cruising is something she could  do and enjoy, among other things. All cruise ships are handicapped-friendly and at their ports of call, there are means for them to go where they want to, either assisted or on their own.

One of the friendly Pinoy bartenders who made sure that I didn't get thirsty LOL. Thanks for taking care of a kababayan.

I don't know why I took this pic but it looked good when I saw it.

The place where I left some of the extra weight in my wallet.

A parting shot when I was leaving the ship's casino to call it a night.

A feeble attempt to take a night shot with a cheapy point and shoot.

A Starbucks inside a cruise ship! Give me a break!!

At the Boardwalk

The 2nd parade on the ship. We made sure we had a good spot this time.

There she is!!

I am beginning to associate the sight of airports with the inconvenience and invasive nature of security inspections - carry-on x-ray, body scan, pat down and God knows what they will think of next. Is it really worth it?