Friday, February 5, 2010

Las Vegas early in the morning

My wife and I went to Las Vegas to attend the 21st birthday celebration of a niece. We only stayed there for the party, spent a few hours at the casino, then head back to our hotel. Very early the next morning, I took a long walk at the strip for a couple of hours. I shot a few pictures along the way but most of them came out dull LOL. After a typical Pinoy breakfast at one of the many Pinoy restos located several blocks east of The Strip, my wife and I returned to LA.

This was taken about 6 am


Caesar's Palace

Inside one of the shops at the CityComplex, the newest baby in the block (a complex of hotels, condos and shops)

Part of the CityComplex

If you enlarge the pic, you will read "All-you-can-eat, all day $24" at Rio's World Buffet