Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 4-5, At Sea and at Costa Maya

The Allure took a couple of nights and a full day at sail before arriving at Costa Maya, which is a region in Mexico on the Caribbean Sea side. This port of call is close to Belize (formerly known as British Honduras) and is just now emerging as an attractive tourist destination as a consequence of the completion of the long pier to accomodate cruise ships. We did not visit Belize nor did we bother to see some of the Mayan ruins nearby because they are not as spectacular as the ones we have already seen in our previous land trips and cruise stops to other parts of Mexico. We just hang out near the beach and the watering holes (for the guys) and the shopping areas (for the gals) LOL.

Costa Maya as seen from the top deck of the our ship

Cruisers on their way to explore this new port of call

The other cruise ship "parked" perpendicular to ours is the Norwegian Epic

The good life?

Booze brought to the ship are temporarily "confiscated" and delivered to your stateroom the evening prior to debarkation. Bummer!

This guy tried to stop me from taking a pic of his shop! When he did not succeed, he asked me for money. He did not succeed either LOL. What a jerk!

For those who do not feel like walking and want to cover more ground, a horse-drawn carriage is an option, as are rental SUVs and motorized cycles.

I'm not sure if this is a police or military patrol but it sure is an indication that it is not all heaven in this coastal paradise.