Friday, February 13, 2009

January 26 At Sea

Very early in the morning there was a public announcement from the Captain that there was going to be an emergency evacuation of a passenger who was stricken ill and needed immediate surgery. Cruisers whose staterooms where immediately below where the helicopter was going to hover were required to leave and assembled at the Horizon Court (a buffet venue) and everyone else were told to stay away from the open deck topside. This is a safety procedure in case the helicopter accidentally crash in the evacuation operation.

Shortly a rescue helicopter came from shore, hovered over the ship, lifted the ailing cruiser in a stretcher and flew her to the nearest hospital on land. Although all cruise ships have medical facilities on board, they are not equip to conduct surgical operations. It is reassuring to know that in medical emergencies they know what they can and cannot do and always know when to call for outside assistance when needed.

After that little unplanned excitement, the rest of the day was spent celebrating Australia Day at sea.

The land-based rescue helicopter which came immediately to evacuate the ailing passenger

It was Australia Day!

Poolside barbie, Australian style

My photos did not do justice to the food made available poolside for the special day.

This musical trio was doing its best to liven up the poolside party

Cake eating contest! I was on the other side of the pool preoccupied with eating to bother getting close for a good shot LOL.

Aftermath of the cake eating contest. None of the contestants finished their cake within the specified time but the one who ate the most won.


BlogusVox said...

Perhaps, too much excitement most have trigger that poor woman's ailment, or too much of those sumptous meal. Nakakagutom tuloy eh.

Anonymous said...

Pity her, she's on vacation

bertN said...

BlogusVox, majority of cruisers are seniors or retirees and a number of them are not in the best of health.

bertN said...

Anonymous, thanks for your compassion for the stricken cruiser and for dropping by my site.

Rio said...

cake eating contest?? how i wish isa ako sa mga kasali..hehe

kuya bertn,kumanta ka din ba??hehe

belated happy australia and valentines day..=D

bertN said...

Puede kang sumali...pero mahirap, dahil you have to dig your face in it and eat with all your might. Kung sabagay, you lose nothing but your inhibition LOL. And it is FUN!

Me? Sing? No way! Baka lumubog yung boat LOL.

RJ said...

Wow! Australia Day. Holiday para sa karamihan pero sa mga magmamanok na tulad ko, nasa loob lang ng manukan.

Ah, may Aussie barbie, at ang dami ng Pavlova O. May triffle ba? This is very Australian, mate! U

bertN said...

Hindi bale, pag kuha mo naman ng accumulated vacations ay bawi ka sa ligaya. Have a good diy, mate!