Saturday, June 4, 2011

My neighborhood park

 I feel lucky that I live in a residential area that is only a 5 minute walk to a four-mile square county park. When I am not traveling, I usually go to the park to take my daily two hour walk. At a moderate walking pace of 19 minutes per mile, give or take half a minute, I easily cover 6 miles a day. The only thing is all level ground. I used to do my walk/hike at national parks where the change in elevation is enough to wear me down if I do not take long breaks. Nowadays, especially with the ever rising cost of gas, I don't feel like driving an hour or two just to do my daily walk, besides I am getting too old for those strenuous hikes.

A few months ago, the local park authority added a series of exercise stations along a section of the 3 mile walking trail inside the park. I decided to give it a try. I've been on it for a month and a half now but my progress is disappointingly slow. The course is not as tough as in some of the other parks in the county that I have visited but it is a decent start for a physically inactive oldie like me LOL.

I find this hard to execute.

A month and a half and I still can't pull my body up to chin level! I need to lose some weight!

I can do 30 push ups at the lowest bar setting.

No way Jose, I can't walk with my arms to the end and back!

Maybe I should just take a vacation to Libya and join the rebels so I can do my run and duck exercise LOL.

Better still, I'll just strengthen my arms by casting a heavy rod during the day and lifting mugs of beer at night LOL. Have a nice weekend or what remains of it!