Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Graduation, soccer game and a relaxing walk

My wife and I went to San Francisco to visit our daughter and grandson and to attend the graduation of a niece at Fairfield. Instead of flying, I decided to drive because going through the security checks at the airport is starting to get to me. It is becoming to be too annoyingly invasive. I bet the terrorists are laughing their hearts out - they are winning the war on terror although we think we are beating them.

The ones on the left are the graduates and the ones on the right are the faculty members of the school of nursing. I observed that most of the graduates are not as young as I though they would be, afterall a registered nursing degree is only a two year course. My niece told me some of them are into their second professional career, some have families to raise and some, like her, took their sweet time getting their degree while working or goofing around LOL.

One of the graduates who won a modest cash award from the school

Photo finish!

Candle ceremony

Munchies after the ceremony

OK show us what you got!

Never mine if you missed the goal by a mile, we are still your number one fan. A little more practice and dedication and you will make it to the World Cup in 2012 LOL.

Quit goofing around, this is a formal team photo!

A nice trail just a stone's throw from my daughter's condo

That's the famous Cliff House in the background. It is obscured by haze, distance and my lack of photographic skill but it is in the frame, slightly to the right of center, trust me LOL.

A view of the beach taken near the Cliff House

A lousy shot of the Sutro bath ruins. I should have gone down and take better pics but I was racing against the impending rain to complete the coastal trail.

A section of the trail with the Golden Gate bridge in the background

Going down the steps is the easy part.

One of the things I like about California and almost all the states I have visited, is the abundance of well-maintained trails within their cities for walking, jogging and biking. You don't have to drive to a national park to enjoy a leisurely hike.

Friday, June 4, 2010

A break from hybernation

I came out of hybernation to show this photo of a dog drinking from the water fountain I posted last month. One month na pala akong hindi nakakablog!! I have no excuse...talaga yatang ganyan ang tumatanda, pag tinamad talagang tamad LOL. My wife said why don't I do something exciting - like sit in the backyard, watch her roses bloom while I drink my favorite recreational "juice" LOL. I said I have a better idea. I can go to the beach, cast a fishing line out and while waiting for a fish to bite, ogle all the bikini-clad girls sprawled on the sand tanning themselves LOL. Anyway, a visitor to my previous blog commented that it would be nice to see a pic of a dog owner and her dog drinking from the unusual fountain. In fact, I have such a shot which I took a few minutes after I walked away from the spot. I should have moved closer or zoomed in my shot but at that time I did not think it was going to generate any interest from anybody.

Click on the pic to enlarge