Friday, April 30, 2010

Along the coast at Huntington Beach

This oil platform is just a mile offshore from Huntington Beach. I hate to think of what can happen here if a well blowout occurs, like the one, roughly 50 miles from the coast of Louisiana at the Gulf of Mexico. The out of control exploratory well there is still spewing 5,000 barrels of oil a day with no end in sight. This is potentially an environmental and economic disaster of humongous proportion! I hope not.

Platform Emmy in Huntington Beach

A condo complex being prep for termite fumigation

Termites, say your prayers are soon to be dead meat!

I thought the lower drinking fountain was for the super-vertically challenged LOL. It turned out to be for thirsty dogs! The thought did not enter my mind till I saw a dog and his handler used the fountain to drink at the same time. I've never seen anything like this, locally or abroad, till now.

Those two oil platforms in the horizon are staying out of trouble by rigorously complying with the state and federal regulations but I worry that it is just a matter of time that a careless hand will screw up or a fail-safe machine will fail and the result is another Santa Barbara disaster.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My home away from home

I am just kidding LOL. I already moved up a to a tent with a rain fly and when I feel like loosening up my wallet, I stay in budget motels. Now I often stay in hotels rated 3 stars or better. If my wife is going with me, it has to be rated 4 stars at least, or I will be traveling by myself.

Old age spoiled me.... actually it limited my options. I can no longer sleep hidden in a bush outdoor, in a bench at a bus station, or a cozy nook at the airport or if I were driving, in a quiet side street, a rest area or a campground. I guess I can still do these but I will not be at ease and comfortable as I was when I was young and care-free. Now I worry too much about so many things that can only happen in my imagination, like being raped by a blonde nymphomaniac LOL.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

Have a Happy Easter!