Monday, February 2, 2009

January 18 at Tauranga, first port of call in New Zealand

After spending two nights in Auckland, we boarded our cruise ship late in the afternoon of the 17th. We made an overnight run to Tauranga, New Zealand arriving there around 7 am.

Diamond Princess at berth in Tauranga, New Zealand

One of two swimming pools on the boat.

The ship's theatre where nightly Las Vegas style shows are presented. It is also use as a lecture hall during the day and as staging area for onshore group tours.

A kiwi orchard

This guy was explaining the "ins and outs" of the kiwi export business. They are in short supply of farm workers they have to import foreign workers during peak season.

A campsite near the beach

My choice of dinner entree for the night. Wrong choice! It tasted as bad as it looked. You can always ask them to change it and they will do so with a smile.


Jay - agent112778 said...

wow, its my first time to see a kiwi tree and i never thought its a tree, i thought its a vine like a tomato :D

bertN said...

My first time also to see a kiwi tree LOL.