Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Santorini, Greece

Our first port of call was Santorini, an island we already visited in 2003. Other than finding out changes that occured between then and now, I really did not feel like going ashore - I just wanted to hang out at the poolside bar, relax, eat and sleep. None of these happened. I found myself at the dock with my wife and travel companions enduring the heat, humidity and the long line to ride the cable car.

As soon as I saw there were several other cruise ships at port, I know it is going to be a mess dockside. It is hard to quickly disperse arriving cruisers to all points in the island where the only convenient venues are a cable car, a donkey ride or your leg power for an uphill climb to town.

It took us an hour lined up under the sun to get a cable car ride!

More cruisers are coming in to invade Santorini!

Cable car is the preferred way unless you want to walk or ride a donkey along a smelly route to the top.

My wife never fails to say a prayer whenever she run into a church anywhere in the world.

It is not clear in the pic but there is a long line of people in the background ready to take the cable car back to the dock.


That's real grass there! When the sun calls it a day, you can lay on the grass with a bottle of your favorite wine and a selection of cheese and assorted fruits and listen to live music while you watch the sunset and wait for the stars to show up. Unfortunately, I associate grass with the unpleasant task of mowing our lawn at home and none of this decadent lifestyle LOL.

I took four shots and this is the best one of the lot. Tell me I do not need to go back and reshoot LOL.