Saturday, February 7, 2009

January 21 Dunedin, New Zealand

After sailing all night we arrived at Port Chalmers around 8 am. The city of Dunedin is about 7 miles from this port and again, we pre-booked for a tour of the city.

The ship slowly approaching Chalmers port

It is keep left in New Zealand and Australia. If we have to survive as pedestrians we have to learn to look right, then left, and right again before crossing the streets. Luckily, most of their cities are not as populated as most cities elsewhere in the world...and traffic is consequently light and more importantly, less dangerous.

I took this shot from inside our tour bus on our way to Larnach castle.

A charming gazebo at Larnach castle

Those tiny mounts looked like islets...maybe they are considered as such.