Monday, November 7, 2011

Time Out

On a quickie trip to Vegas, I saw this stack of cash in one of the hotel casinos. I had to take a pic! This is as closed as I am going to get to a million dollar cold cash in easily spendable hundred dollar bills. Given the "walk away" inflation of our time though, this is really not much money - a nice tract home with a view in Southern California, a fancy foreign car, a few trips abroad and all you would be left with is just enough cash to buy yourself a drink or two at your favorite bar and, if you luckily drop in during happy hour you'll stlll have a few bills left for the bartender. LOL.


I'm glad I kept the lifestyle, food and clothing preferences of my struggling college days (as in struggling for good grades and a more generous school allowance) to this day. I don't have to worry about money or lack of it because my enjoyment of life would not change drastically, either way.