Monday, February 16, 2009

January 27 Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne (pronounced "Melben" by the Aussies) is a city I have always wanted to see since I started traveling internationally. I was not disappointed with what I saw in the limited time I was there. I'll probably go back another time, may be see more of Australia as well.

Our cruise ship at Port Philip

An Australian equivalent of a Southern California lunch truck. It will freak me out if I see a Southern California food vendor in a tie!

Shown at the Shrine of Remembrance are military medals awarded to Australian soldiers

On the left side of the picture is Capt. Cook's cottage "transplanted" from England

Our river boat in the foreground cruising Yarra River

Check out the very narrow clearance between the boat and the bridge!

Champagne night on board!
Champagne anyone?

Long, narrow corridor between staterooms


Sidney said...

It looks like a fun travel... !

bertN said...

It was! Thanks for dropping by.

BlogusVox said...

Hehe... "Melben". "It's fine die todie". : )

bertN said...

Iba talaga ang Tagalog!You pronounced the word the way it is written, no short or long vowels and no silent or superflous alphabets. Concise and to the point, walang maraming palabok LOL.

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