Sunday, May 31, 2009

Redondo Beach, California

Redondo Beach is a 10 minutes drive from our old neighborhood. I used to fish at its pier, in the jetties or board the fishing boats that take you out in the ocean for a day of fishing. Since we moved to Orange county in the early 70's, I seldom visit the place (although it is only about 35 miles away) unless I have some out of town visitors who have a weakness for fresh seafood and salty air.

This is the new pier that replaced the old one that was heavily damaged during an unusually heavy storm that visited Southern California years ago.

A bigger and more comfortable place to cast your line for bonitos
Nice restos and entertainment venues at the pier

Boats readily available to take you for a short cruise

None of these is mine....unfortunately LOL

Crabs, shellfish and assorted fishes you can buy and have them cook for you

We used to catch these kind of crabs at the jetties in Cabrillo beach but that is history now.

Bring a combo of bagoong, vinegar and garlic if you are not too crazy about melted butter and lemon to dip your steamed crabs.

Oysters and other shellfishes are also available for steaming or eaten raw. I love raw oysters on the half shell with a squeeze of lemon, a dash of tabasco and a cold beer.

They even have a gondola to take you and your significant other for a "romantic cruise" while you enjoy your champagne or wine. The gondolero will sing like in Venice to annoy you if he thinks you are a lousy tipper LOL.

That's one of the fishing boat now loading to take fishermen out to sea to try their luck

The day I visited was not an ideal day for the beach and for photography. The sky was heavily overcast and there was a slight drizzle...very unusual for sunny Southern California.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Samot-samot, May 2009

On our way home from Irvine, my wife and I decided to have lunch at a Korean resto a friend of ours was glowing about. While we were looking for it, I saw a Japanese resto with an interesting name so I told my wife let's try this one instead. I had sashimi and beef teriyaki. The tuna was so fresh that if it were any fresher it will still be swimming in the sea. Everything there was fine except for the name of the restaurant....Taiko LOL.

My wife and I attended the wedding of an old friend's son last Saturday. The bride is a Vietnamese he met at a medical school back east where they were both students. My friend's son wants to go to Philippines or a third world country and work as a doctor for the needy for a few years but the father of the bride wants his daughter to take-over his practice (he is a pediatrician) here. I'm sure they'll work out their divergent goals to their mutual satisfaction. Here's wishing the bride and groom a happy and enduring marriage!
I parked my pick-up on a busy major street and took a walk for a couple of hours inside a park. I had my bike inside the cab but I decided to just go ahead and walk instead of bike so I can take advantage of the shades complement of the trees. When I returned after two hours of walking, I was astounded to find that somebody stole the tailgate of my pick-up! Can you believe that!!! What is more unbelievable is the s.o.b. did not take my bike, the gps and stereo or just drive off with my vehicle! A replacement tailgate will set me back $550 plus the cost of a paint job so this may be as good a time as any to replace the old clunker, afterall it is already 12 years old. I will certainly miss it..... I may just hang on to it just to debunk one of the geometric theorems I learned in high school that the "whole is greater than any of its part" or words to that effect. In the case of my pick-up, the part is more expensive than the whole LOL.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Long Beach, California

Last Monday I went to Long Beach to see an old office buddy who is worried that he might be let go earlier than he planned to leave because of the state of the nation's economy. Over lunch, I told him about the benefits of retiring early and I cited myself as an example. I don't think I really convinced him LOL. The guy is a natural born workaholic, what can I say.

On my way back home, I decided to take a few pictures at Shoreline Village and its vicinity since one of my two regular blog visitors indicated an interest in the area LOL.

I took this picture of Pine Street an hour or so past noon on what is a working day and you can hardly see cars and pedestrians populating the street. Beyond the building in the background, on both sides of Pine, are fine restaurants; except for a few, most of them are empty of diners. I cannot really figure out why this upscale section of Long Beach is not drawing as much visitors as comparable places in other cities in the US.

This is a section of the beach along Ocean Blvd. If you double click to enlarge the pic, you can clearly see a band of concrete pathway parallel to the beach. That's a strip along the sand for cyclists, joggers and walkers that extend all the way to Belmont Shore from, as far back as, the Los Angeles River bicycle lane.
Shown offshore is one of four man-made islands of Thums Oil. These islands were created to serve as drilling platforms and homes to oil wells whose bottom locations are mostly miles inland.
A section of the Long Beach marina
Shoreline Village as viewed from the lighthouse.
A floating resto with the lighthouse in the background
The non-functioning lighthouse
The whale watch boat having a really slow day - the boat was set to sail in half an hour and there was no one on board yet!

The Queen Mary from a distance

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers on Earth and in Heaven!

To everyone who still have their mothers on earth: Spend as much time as you can with your Inay, and even if she knows it, tell her at every opportunity that you love her. You only have one and she is irreplaceable.

My beloved Inay (left) and her elder sister when they were in their teens.