Sunday, January 6, 2008

Baltic Sea cruise, June 2004

Odd sign posted inside a bathroom in London

Oslo, Norway
How does one mow the "lawn" without falling off?

Tallinn, Estonia
They all wanted to take a picture of my beautiful body! Just kidding.


Witness Street said...

They award Water Loos for what? That's something one will never find in Manila.

The roof of that Norway house looks like a priest chin. Oh, to travel and see new places! Thank you for sharing!

elay said...

hi bertN! wow, you travel a lot! and from what i've seen in this blog, you've been everywhere..! oh, how i wish i could do what you do..the places you've been too are very interesting - and even more so because of your beautiful photos!

do keep us posted with wherever you are in the world. i'm adding you to my links..i;d sure be dropping by more often too.

bertN said...

I'm sure you'll be able to travel a lot, a lot more than what I have done or will be doing - you are young and have the desire. The world is waiting for you.

LAWSTUDE said...

thanx for the comment in my blog. i see that you like traveling to. i agree with u that if u really like traveling, you will always find time no matter how busy u r. have a nice day.

Senor Enrique said...

Finally able to visit your site. Didn't know its URL.

Anyway, love these whimsical shots :)

So you're an avid traveler and photoblogger, eh? Will be coming back to visit.

bertN said...

Lawstude,there's always a time for travel indeed! And people should take advantage of it, especially when they are young and full of life and energy...even if the wallet is thin, as long as it is not empty.

Senior Enrique,I am a travel bug but a lousy photographer and a poor excuse for a writer.

Witness Street,don't really know what the award was for. Probably for cleanliness?

dailyphotographer said...

hi bertn, like what our fellow bloggers said, you travel a lot and common your shots ain't that bad.:D It's really fun to travel, I love it too, but I need to save more to go on cruises like this.