Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ensenada mini-cruise, February 2007

This was a short 4 day cruise (Long Beach, Catalina Island, Ensenada) that my two brothers and a sister-in-law took to convince them that cruising is very affordable. It turned out cheaper than spending a weekend in Las Vegas! Our costs per person was only $290, inclusive of tax and port charges. That's a hard price to beat for a decent 4 day vacation anywhere.

Our cruise ship in the process of loading up supplies and passengers. In the background is the skyline of Long Beach and to the left is the famous Queen Mary, an old ocean liner now permanently berth in LB. It has a hotel, several restaurants and watering holes, a theatre, a museum and shops galore for tourists and locals alike.

This is at Catalina Island. The speck out at sea is the cruise ship. The port is not deep enough so she had to drop anchor a mile or so from shore. Passengers wishing to go ashore have to be tendered.

Catalina Island located about 28 miles from the mainland.

An island resto and watering hole

Another view of the cruise ship anchored out at sea.

One of the ship's tenders approaching the mother ship with a load of returning passengers.

Mini-golf and jogging courses on the top deck

A shot of the stateroom passageway

Pool deck at noontime

The ship's casino is not operational when at port.

Captain's welcome party

Ensenada, Mexico

An Ensenada oyster and clam street vendor. The first time I visited Mexico I tried the raw Pismo clam (which was diced right in its shell, seasoned with lime and hot sauce and served with a smile) I got the "Montezuma's Revenge" also known as the run! There's no way I'm going to subject my stomach to the same ordeal. I'm a quick learner LOL.

Waiters entertaining the diners on their last night at sea.


Anonymous said...

Sure are nice photographs. I liked the narrative with them tpp.

Middle Ditch said...

This all sounds like a lot of fun.

Photo Cache said...

I took the same cruise in 2006. Twas my very first one.