Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Scanned photos from an old Mexican trip

This is one of the many pyramids they have at Teotehuacan. Before I visited this place, I have no knowledge of the impressive pyramids they have in Mexico and other parts of the Americas. Does this tell you what a pathetic knowledge of history and geography I have?

I took this photo from the top of what was then the tallest building in Latin America (really nothing in comparison with Sears Tower in Chicago or the Empire State Building in New York) The reason why this building is etched in my memory, despite the years that had gone by, is because I was stuck in one of the elevators on my way to the observation deck. The elevator malfunctioned and stopped in between floors. It took a looong while before people realized what was happening and a lot longer before the building maintenance crew were able to pry the door open and pulled us out (there were a couple of preteens trapped with me who were crying and were starting to unnerved me). I read of a guy who was trapped in an elevator for days before they realized he was there and was mercifully extracted! What a way to go LOL.


elay said...

those pyramids look mysterious and majestic..
if i would be given a choice on where to go anywhere in the world, i sure would place mexico in my list..i had always been fascinated by stories from that place..
and oh, that was one unforgettable elevator ride - something i always wish would never happen to me.

bertN said...

You'll not be wrong if you place Mexico in your list of places to visit. I've been there many times and I always look forward to my next visit.

I wished I were more serious in my study of Spanish when it was a 12- unit (two years, 3 units/semester)requirement for graduation when I was in college. I did not know then that it was a language widely spoken by many people worldwide.

I really admire people who can speak a multitude of languages or even dialects with ease.