Saturday, January 19, 2008

Panama Canal cruise, April 2005

Ship's wake

One of the nightly entertainments at the cruise ship's main theatre

An amusing sign I saw at Cabo San Lucas (click on pic to enlarge)

A view of Acapulco from the ship's deck

Red colored taxis in Costa Rica

A nature's bridge at Aruba frequented by tourists. The natural bridge collapsed a year or so after I took this photo.

Our ship moving through one of the Panama Canal locks. Note the cargo ship moving in the opposite direction.

Pool deck view
A night celeb on board the ship

A mobile bar?

At Dunn's River Fall in Jamaica, tourists enthusiastically lined up to climb the fall under the guidance of a professional guide (in blue).

The guide asked the participants to form a chain by holding hands. The climb is not challenging at all, a desk-bound food addict can negotiate the course without slipping! It is all done in the spirit of fun.
Some of the tourists in stranded links wait for a guide to lead the way. What a way to generate revenue! I wonder what the locals are saying when they see tourists coming? "Here comes easy money!" LOL.

First time I ran into an artificially created pond with a partial cross-sectional view!


elay said...

that was a beautiful bridge. too bad its not there anymore.

that pond is one of a kind..that was a good idea coming up with the cross section part - its like looking at an aquarium, a really big one.

bertN said...

Yup! Waves eventually brought it down.

First artificially created pond I saw with a x-sectional viewing area LOL.

rolly said...

Taking a cruise seems fun! I could've taken a cruise when I was younger. My dad used to work for American President Lines and if I remember correctly, they have many cruise ships. Sayang!

elay said...

to rolly..:

it's never too late to start new things! go on that cruise if you wish! (i'd like to go on one too,like our friend bertN day) and i wish you all the luck..!

bertN said...

To Rolly and Elay,

Cruising is actually cheaper than going on an organized land tour! I'm sure both of you will have a chance to do it in the future.

dailyphotographer said...

hi there bertn, enjoyed your photos! That is a unique pond. Going on a cruise seems fun. Anyway, can i link you up?

bertN said...

dailyphotographer, of course you can!

dodong flores said...

It seems that there's a lot of fun going on!
Those are awesome photos right there!
I like the photo in a chained holding hands and that pond with cross-sectional view...