Monday, December 31, 2007

Central Europe, September 2006

Our jovial group which toured Central Europe in 2006

A German waitress in a Munich beer garden on her way to deliver our beer. She said this was an easy load. She can easily carry twice the number! I have to drink mine with both hands - either I am a weakling or she is a superwoman lol.

This photo was taken from our hotel room in Warsaw the day we checked in.

Nighttime view from the same window. Warsaw, Poland claimed to be the most devastated city in World War II. I think Manila was a close second.


Witness Street said...

Wow. The view from your hotel window must have been very lovely. The photos are exquisite, and I feel like I am touring Central Europe myself with your own eyes. Hope to see more posts!

Happy new year, sir! :)

bertN said...

Have a great New Year yourself, Migs.