Friday, February 22, 2008

New England-Canada cruise, October 2005

We took this cruise because we were expecting to see the colorful leaves during fall for which New England is famous for. However, our timing was off - it was a bit early so we did not see much of what we wanted to see. No big loss though, we already experienced fall in this area when we made a one week road trip three years earlier covering the whole New England, including Quebec in Canada.

We decided to fly to New Year a couple of days earlier before starting our cruise and stayed another two days after the cruise. These gave us time to revisit old haunts and visit friends based in New York and New Jersey.

When we were at the Bay of Fundy, I was hoping we could see the tidal bore in action, again our timing was off! I've got to return to this place and watch this natural phenomenon! I think there are only two places on earth where this occur and I want to see it. My friends asked me what's the big deal about it. Frankly, I do not know. I just want to see it in my lifetime.

New York City in early morning light. Wherever I am and whenever I can do it, I love to take loooong morning walks. In case of seedy and dangerous neighborhoods, I gamble on the belief that the muggers and other criminal elements are still asleep. They ply their trades at night, don't they? My wife doesn't think so LOL.

Here I am taking a pic of our stateroom with my compact Canon S500 camera. I've since replaced it with a Canon SD800IS. I have thought of upgrading to an SLR many times but I am always deterred by its size and complexity. I am a shoot-from-the-hip picture taker and I am quite happy with what I capture - "mababaw kasi ang kaligayahan ko" photographically speaking.
An early morning shot from the top deck of Golden Princess

Promenade deck at night. There is a jogging and walking course at the top deck of most cruise ships but I prefer to do my walks on the promenade deck. On larger cruise ships, three complete circuits on its promenade deck is equal to one mile. You have to exercise a bit of caution when you are approaching the bow when the wind is blowing hard and the sea is rough - you can get wet and/or forced by the wind to hang on to the guardrails as you walk.

A lobster dinner entree. I forgot to take a pic before attacking it LOL. Note the beer on the upper part of the frame - I am a blue collar alcoholic drinker, I prefer beer and whiskey to wine and champaigne .

Another night's offering - a medium-well steak drenched with gravy

I can't remember what this was but it looked good. Note the almost empty beer glass LOL.

Our cruise ship at Bar Harbor, Maine

This was as close as we got to a colorful fall foliage LOL.

A lone sentinel watching for approaching enemy ships

A public market at St. John, New Brunswick

A night shot at Jersey City near the hotel where we spent a couple of nights after our cruise.


elay said...

lobsters and steak! do i hear my stomach suddenly grumbling? hmmm..i'm salivating here..yummm..yummm..

new york city - one of the places that i must at least see before i die =)

these beautiful travelogue and pictures are what makes this spot one of my favorite blogs..

dailyphotographer said...

wow that lobster looked delicious. I love your night shot of Jersey too.

bertN said...

elay, there's so much to see in NY City. You will never go wrong including that in your "must see" places...include Las Vegas and San Francisco as well, if you are in the States.

dailyphotographer, believe it or not you can ask for a second or even third serving of lobster or any other favorite dish on cruise ships!

Witness Street said...

Wow. DSLR or not, these photos are fabulous. The night shot of New Jersey is particularly beautiful, and it fills me with longing; and you're not helping me get rid of my enchantment with New York, where I can't afford to go.

But thanks all the same for sharing. I'm looking forward to seeing more through your eyes.

bertN said...

witness street, the operative word is NOW. You can't afford to go now but there is tomorrow and the day after, and the day after the after and so on.....

The key is to keep the dream alive and work on it. You are a gifted guy, you'll go places.

Anonymous said...

If you want to see real scenic beauty come to Johnsville New Brunswick Canada. It has a lot more fall foilage than St.John