Sunday, February 17, 2008

Alaska cruise, July 2002

Rainy Ketchikan - it has one of the highest precipitation in the US of A. They called rain liquid sunshine for a good reason LOL.

Juneau tramway


A train ride to nowhere. They take you there and back and charge you an arm and a leg for the ride LOL.

It's amazing how modern cruise ships can get close to land and make tight turns.


dailyphotographer said...

it looked like you were sailing pretty close to land. amazing!

bertN said...

We were! The water was deep enough and the ship has a shallow draft.

elay said...

its been raining here for days and i'm kind of fed up with all the downpour actually, but that picture above (the one with what looks to me like a totem pole), no matter how wet would probably still be one fascinating scene.

i think it would be fun riding in that train..if it takes me to looks like the hogwarts express..

bertN said...

I'm really glad I live in sunny Southern California, although I missed the ala-Pinas rain every so often.

The train seats reverse on your way back so you are again facing the oncoming sceneries - first train I saw with that feature.