Sunday, February 3, 2008

Mediterranean cruise, June 2003

A cruise along the Mediterranean Sea is one of the better cruises on the market because of the many exciting ports of call and the many famous cities and places within easy reach of the ports.

Before we left for Barcelona (our embarkation port) we were introduced via email to a Pinoy, based in Italy, who started a business of taking cruisers to their destinations of interest for less than half the price of the ship's land tours! He has a 12 passenger van and he took us where we wanted to go for the day. He picked us up as we disembark in the morning and return us to the ship before the ship sails away. We used his service at Civitavecchia (Rome), Villafranche (Monaco, Monte Carlo and Nice) and Naples. He does not advertise but he generates business through referrals. Last I heard his business has expanded and he now has several vans and they do not only take passengers from cruise ships but they now take tourists on land tours in Europe. Good for him and his business!

A victim of Mt. Vesuvious' eruption

A hillside view of Florence

The Leaning Tower of Pisa, one of the most famous engineering failures LOL

Stromboli Island

"Inihaw na mais" Maltese-style

Note the houses on top of what is a caldera

I forgot if this was taken in Santorini or Mykonos, two of the four Greek Islands we visited (senior moment LOL)

"Sidewalk vendor" selling beer!

Vatican Square


elay said... have been to most of the places that are in the list of my must-see places..i feel like i'm taking the tour here myself...
the street vendor selling beer..interesting =). and that is an amazing view of florence. and the leaning tower!
good to hear about the filipino businessman/tour guide. i hope someday soon i would be asking you on how to contact him..=)but right now time and savings does not permit yet..=)
btw, got something for you in my blog:

dailyphotographer said...

the photo of the victim of mt. vesuvius is stunning. you can see the agony of the victim preserved in stone.