Thursday, November 27, 2008

USS Midway, San Diego 2008

A cousin from the Philippines visited me after he completed his company sponsored training in aircraft maintenance in Dallas. He expressed a desire to see the aircraft carrier USS Midway and its planes. so I took him to San Diego and we visited the carrier which is now a museum. The charge for admission is $17 and parking is $8 for the first 4 hours. Fair enough, given that the prices of everything under the sun had gone up and the worse is still to come LOL.

This carrier carried a complement of 70 aircrafts during its service years

The carrier hangar

One of the planes in the hangar

Another one

The Island, the superstructure located on the starboard side of the flight deck

A plane displayed on the flight deck
An all-business looking aircraft on the deck

Flight deck

This is the location on the island where incoming and outgoing flights were directed


Photo Cache said...

A nice place to spend a day, very educational too. But the fee is a bit steep for me, kuripot ksi.

bertN said...

Namamahalan din ako sa admission fee - I think $12 is more reasonable.

dyosa said...

Lalo naman ako, mamamasahe pa ako papuntang US. hu hu hu. I'd love to check this out. I'm interested in anything that has to do with flying. :-)

bertN said...

Pag nagpunta ka rito, I think the aircraft carrier Midway and its planes will be near the tail end of the things you want to check out para masulit ng husto ang pamasahe mo LOL.