Wednesday, November 19, 2008

San Francisco

A couple of yeas ago, I flew to San Francisco to check out a condo that my daughter was interested in buying. The location was great, a stone throw from the beach and a third of a mile from Golden Gate Park. However, the asking price was outrageous in my opinion, although it was par for the area - half a million for a two bedroom, one bath condo of less than 900 sq. ft.! I suggested to my daughter to keep her apartment, save her money and wait for a better time to buy.

Given the current state of the housing market, now is a good time to buy. Unfortunately, in the area she was interested in, home values are staying put instead of going south like almost everywhere else. Oh well......

One way street in hilly San Francisco

From this "viewing platform" you can spot gray whales during their annual migration to their "summer playground" in Baja, California.

This is the main ocean side entrance to Golden Gate Park

I can think of several reasons why this tree grew this way but none of them is probably correct.

Concrete pathway along the beach

I shot this picture inside a Southern barbecue resto because of the amusing sign (click on the picture to enlarge)


dyosa said...

That tree is freaky. I can also think of 101 ways on why it grew in that odd state. I love your shot of the concrete pathway. It seemed endless.

The sign at the bar was hilarious! LOL.

bertN said...

Now that you mentioned it, the pathway seemed endless indeed. I was not even thinking about the shot, I just got my camera, point and shoot as I usually do.

Photo Cache said...

The tree has been beaten up by strong winds coming from the ocean.

Your daughter may find a lot of "steals" given the current state of the real state market nowadays.

bertN said...

You're right it is a buyer's market now. Unfortunately, credit is a little tight.

Thanks for dropping by.

Rio said...

ang cool nung puno..anong puno yan? may bunga ba yan?makakuha nga ng buto ng bunga at ng maitanim dito sa pinas..hehe

bertN said...

Hindi ko alam kung anung puno yun. Next time I get a chance to go there again, I will check it for you.