Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Walls

My first European trip was way back in the early 70's where I had the chance to see the Berlin Wall. Many years had passed before I saw my second famous wall, the Great Wall of China. In between those years and beyond where many interesting trips, both local and abroad but the memories of those two walls, for whatever reason, remained vivid in my mind.

Germany was still divided then and to reach Berlin which was located inside the Soviet controlled East Germany, we had to travel via a narrow road corridor. In the background was a part of the wall that divided the city of Berlin between the Allies and the Soviet Union.

What is left of the Berlin Wall after it was demolished decades later.

This was the famous Checkpoint Charlie where one had to go through to cross from West to East Berlin or vice versa. It did not look like this serene when this checkpoint was operational. There were many well-armed soldiers from opposing sides and vehicles crossing the border had to drive a zigzag pattern to prevent any of them from barreling through at high speed to get away. A number of East Germans were able to escaped this way before vehicles were required to "zig and zag" through the crossing zone.

Outside this building located a stone's throw from Checkpoint Charlie was displayed what was supposed to be the last Kremlin Flag.

Our tour group posing for a pic with a section of the Great Wall in the background.

We climbed the wall as far as our stamina and time allowed us.


Lawstude said...

another visual treat from your corner of the world. thank you for sharing. really appreciate how amazing your work is. have a nice day.

bertN said...

Have a nice day yourself and keep shooting. I enjoy your pics. Parang nanduon na rin ako.