Sunday, October 26, 2008

A short trip to Northern California and Nevada October 2008

My wife had relatives from New York and Maryland visiting us. They wanted to see our daughter and grandson who live in San Francisco and I thought it was as good a time as any to go there. My daughter is a "worrywort" and she is overly concerned about our grandson's dog ( a tiny Dachshund) biting a neighbor. She needed a little bit of cheering up so I decided to drive up north with my wife and her relatives. To make the trip a little bit more exciting for our guests, we spent a couple of nights at Lake Tahoe, made a short trip to Reno from the lake and on the way back to LA, stopped by the capitol at Sacramento.

An interesting tree at the San Francisco Botanical Garden

I find this paint job a little too wild for my taste LOL.

Can you guess how many tickets I will get if I use this vehicle to travel coast to coast?

Road work on our way to Lake Tahoe. Note the safety barrier and the highly visible cones to protect motorists from potential hazards.

Late afternoon at Lake Tahoe

Lovebirds watching the setting sun

Early morning at the lake

My wife's niece showing off a pine cone she picked up somewhere.

We gambled a little but did not stay overnight to see a Pinoy show at the Legacy Casino, "Dolphy at 80".


weddingglitters said...

Hi! thanks for the visit :)
the lake looks so peaceful.

bertN said...

It was perfect weather when we were at Lake Tahoe - no winds to churn the water and no pesky boats to mar the serenity of the lake. Thanks for dropping by.

XD said...

I love the sunset photo. So serene...

bertN said...

xd, thanks for visiting.

dyosa said...

Hey, how's it goin? Sorry it took a while for me to visit your site. Good to know you're well.

I was supposed to visit my relatives in Reno last August 2008 but my sched went crazy all of a sudden that I had to resched the trip to next yr. Hope to see Lake Tahoe when I get to visit next yr. I love the late afternoon shot. I felt the serenity and saw the beauty of the place.

bertN said...

Always good to know you drop by my site every now and then. Thanks! Yes, I am well as an old fart like me can be LOL.

If you visit Lake Tahoe, do it about this time, give or take a month or so, when the weather is just about right...unless, of course, you enjoy skiing in which case winter is a perfect time.

SeƱor Enrique said...

Beautiful shots!

I bet your guests truly appreciated the entire trip :)

bertN said...

Yes, they did...especially a couple of them who won a little money at the casino.