Saturday, September 13, 2008

Huntington Beach, California September 2008

I went to Huntington Beach pier to check out the Farmer's market that is set up at the foot of the pier every weekend. I arrived around eleven in the morning and decided to park at the far end of Main street where parking is easy enough to find and walked to the beach. I was surprised that there was not much traffic and very few pedestrians - probably because it was a Friday, the sky was overcast and all the young people were at school.

A view of Main street which is normally teeming with people either shopping or looking for a place to eat

Taken near the foot of HB beach pier where Main street formed a T with Pacific Coast Highway

An almost empty beach extending as far as the eyes can see

A few fishermen trying their luck at the end of the pier. On a good day, the catch can be rewarding but even on days when the fishes are on vacation somewhere else, it is very relaxing to spend the day wetting your line LOL.

There are surfers even on days when the waves are so-so

Farmer's market just starting to open for the day


arpee lazaro said...

wow, you're pretty well traveled! the pictures are lovely

bertN said...

arpee, thanks for your visit.

dyosa said...

2 of the things I love are in this entry: empty beach and weekend market. :-)

Dallas daily said...

This looks like a place I'd like to visit. It has personality.

Bryan Anthony the First said...

nothing beats red plum tomatoes!


bertN said...

dyosa,except on weekends, all the beaches here are almost always empty.

dallas daily, come visit us, we have a wide range of beach towns from one end of the state to the other.

bryan, I agree! Thanks for droppng by.

Senor Enrique said...

Based on these photographs, you really are enjoying life in California, bertN. Good for you!

Keep shooting and thanks for sharing!

bertN said...

I do! I have toyed with the idea of relocating somewhere else now that I am retired but it hard to leave Southern California with its fine weather and more. Thanks for visiting.