Monday, September 15, 2008

An amphibious car

Isn't this a perfect car to have when you live in a city where flooding is a way of life? No matter how deep the flood is, you can go on your merry way with no fear of being stranded. You can drive across rivers and "sail" in the lakes. I don't think you will feel safe cruising the ocean though. I have doubts if it can handle rough seas at all - it will probably sink faster that you can shout, "Help" LOL.

Looks good on land!

Just in case the engine conked out, there is an oar to help propel the car and life vests if the car decides to go downward instead of forward LOL.

Check out the propellers and the location of the exhaust pipe.

Does the view under the hood gives you confidence that it will get you to your destination come hell or high water? Maybe come high water... but hell?


K M F said...

very nice

bertN said...

kmf, thanks for dropping by.

Lawstude said...

that is indeed very comfortable.

what's next? a car than can fly?

sorry for not visiting sooner, i am still in my vacation in boracay and it is partly raining here so i got a chance to do some blogging. be back browsing in a jiffy. have a nice day.

dyosa said...

nice car. it will sell like hotcakes here in the Philippines, especially in Malabon (even in Makati City). LOL.

bertN said...

lawstude,enjoy your vacation in Boracay or what left of it, rain notwithstanding. Thanks for visiting.

dyosa, I wished I had such a car when I was there. Correction...I wished I had a car, any kind, then.

Rio said...

wow! what a nice car!

dyosa said...

The weather here in Pinas is crazy. One typhoon after another. Really a hassle to go anywhere because there's flood flood flood everywhere. A perfect opportunity to sell the amphi car.

Senor Enrique said...

I had seen similar amphibian vehicles in some '60s movie.

This one is beautifully maintained. Nice one.

bertN said...

I think this car is kept more for display than for utility but it works.