Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Las Vegas, Zion and Bryce Canyon road trip

We went on a four-day road trip to Las Vegas, Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks recently. On the way to our destinations and back, we ran into high gas prices (not unexpected), some rain, some snow, plenty of sunshine and a small town cop patrolling a speed trap zone (three different speed limits posted within a short distance!). He gave our designated driver for the day a speeding ticket for allegely driving 39 mph! He knew we were all from out of town and would not be inclined to fight in court an $82 traffic no matter how unfair we think it is. What a bummer!

We figured we could recoup our travel expenses and the cost of the "speeding" penalty by playing the slot machines in Vegas. Wrong! We unreasonably increased our expenses instead LOL. Oh, well, we had fun and that is what this trip was all about.

A panoramic view at Bryce Canyon Nationa Park

Another panoramic view inside the park

A nice view taken from our minivan while we were enroute to our destination for the day.

A lone sentinel at the overlook

On our way to Zion National Park we ran into freezing weather

...and snow

The temperature inside the park was going down but still a couple of notches above freezing.

We wanted to walk all the way to the narrow canyon but the park ranger warned us about eminent danger of flash floodings. That's all we needed to get us out of there and back to the warmth and safety of our minivan.

A view outside the Venetian

If you think this is an expensive suite, it is! However, one of our companion is a regular at Venetian so we got the suite for a song.

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