Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Salerno, Italy

Salerno was our last port of call before heading back to Civitavecchia, then by bus to the airport at Rome for the long flight home.  Sorrento, Naples, Pompeii, Mt. Vesuvious, Isle of Capri, and the coast of Amalfi are all within easy reach but we preferred to spend the better part of the day in Salerno at leisure. We have visited some of those places in our previous trips to Italy anyway. The old foggies in us just wanted to go home LOL.

Peaceful scene

I enjoy watching and spending a little time with recreational fishermen, anywhere in the world I see them.

There's our ship waiting for us!

I always find narrow streets in Europe fascinating.

There's our lady guide at work!

A funny (to me) name for a cafe.

I'm now seeing these small cars in California. It must be the ever increasing prices of gas!

Laundry day

No comment

My shipboard dinner


George said...

Thanks for sharing these scenes from Salerno with us. I doubt that I will ever get there, but I can dream.

bertN said...

I think you can easily get there if you so desire; however, I think both of us will never be able to set foot on Mars even if we let our dreams run amok.

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

No comment? Hahahaa :D

RJ said...

You have saved the two best photos for last... Masarap po ba ang dish, lamb po ba yon?

sheng said...

No comment on two ladies with micro-mini shorts? You're kidding!

bertN said...

RJ, lamb nga yun at masarap naman.

sheng, I'm saving the thought to myself LOL.

bertN said...

Christian, like I told sheng, I'm saving the thought to myself. Kung sa bagay puro kabanalan naman ang laman ng isip ko LOL.

bing said...

narrow streets are scary for me! :(

i can understand the 'no comment' pic he he i mean, the caption :D

docgelo said...

with tha "no comment" caption on that photo, you allowed the imagination of your readers to..., safely put it, be creative (run wild actually!). hahahaha!

o sya, no comment na din!

bertN said...

bing, in most countries in the old world narrow streets are a norm. Siguro nung araw walang mga "superlatively" obese people.

bertN said...

docgelo, no comment pa rin. I'm keeping the thought to myself LOL.