Wednesday, July 4, 2012

At Sea between Mykonos and Salerno

As in most cruises, there are always long days at sea between ports from  a full day to a week or more. It all depends on the length of the cruise and its itinerary. If you enjoy spending time on board for days, repositioning cruises are the best, they are cheap with a lot of sailing days. We've never done this because my wife hates long sea days. A two-week cruise is her max or she won't go.

On  sea days, they have formal nights, deckside barbecues, midnight chocolate madness, and whatever else they can think of to make sailing days exciting or less boring. This is the first time I ran into a brunch and I did not even know the ship was having one until someone in our group mentioned it. It was a so-so affair but it was a change of phase from what we were used to.

When we arrived, the presentation was no longer in its virgin state LOL.

Omelet, any which way you want except a song and dance from me while cooking.

A couple of slices of that roast beef will do me fine.

My favorite table!

A fresh salmon is coming up shortly.

Chocolate is not my thing.

What else do I want?

A free dance lesson for those interested.

These two young professionals from Hongkong shared our table. They prefer to do the land excursions on their own. They ventured too far in one of them, they had to take a very expensive taxi ride to barely make it to the ship in time. When I was their age, I used to be left behind by my bus, ship and plane and it did not bother me one bit. It is all in the spirit of adventure. Not anymore, now any unintended change in itinerary bugs me no end.

My dinner entree and more. I liked the "and more" part better.


Rizalenio said...


I like the desserts table.

bing said...

oh, food! this made my mouth water. :D i love omelettes! looked like there were a lot of options. you must have enjoyed a lot.

sheng said...

Sinfully delicious foods by just by the looks of it!

George said...

The only problem with an 'at sea' day is that I would gain more weight than I normally do on a cruise. That's the last thing I need.

Aleah | said...

I've never been on a cruise before, so I didn't know you had all these food there! How do you keep fit? Does the ship have a pool or a gym?

Photo Cache said...

I'm eyeing a repositioning trip someday, but I don't want to be on sea for longer than a day, really. Two days at sea and I'd go crazy, methinks. Still I'm curious about the cheap prices of these repositioning routes.

Glad to see you're posting.

docgelo said...

i can just imagine myself with my family in a 2-week-cruise. my goodness, bert, 2 weeks on a cruise?!!! i can die after that, lol. of course NOT! there's so much to do and countless places to roam and food to eat and memories to cherish in this thing called life. for now, i'll be dreaming of what you had in this brunch.

ps : you hate chocolate but you like beer? got it! :)

bertN said...

Rizalenio, good choice!

bing, I prefer an all-white omelet with some trimmings. Yeah, I enjoyed the brunch...I'm easy to please LOL.

sheng, sinful yes, delicious...maybe.

George, same here. I'm trying to take off 15 lbs for the last 10 months but so far, I've only been able to take off 5 lbs. Pathetic!

Aleah, they have an exercise room, several pools, jogging/walking course, venues to dance your weight away but everywhere you turn, there are temptations to eat and eat more.

Photo Cache, you are like my wife, she can't stand long days at sea. A repositioning cruise is out of the question for both of you because there will be many sailing days between ports but it is cheap.
I do not know the quality of the shows and entertainments in these cruises but I'm sure the food is as good and plentiful.

docgelo, after you have been on many cruises, you'll die because you wished to LOL. Just kidding.
Like anything else in life, too much or too little of anything is not good. Lucky me, I still haven't experience the "too much" part yet LOL.

Btw, you are on your way to a pleasantly wonderful and rewarding life...stay on course.

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...


kg said...

LOL on your favorite table. you and my dad would make great travel companions if only based on that! haha!

i've never been on a cruise before. i would like to try one...although i have an impression they can be expensive.

bertN said...

Christian, if you love endless eating and fine dining cruising is for you.

kg, I welcome your Dad's company anytime. Cheers!!

Actually, cruising is not that expensive. Give it a try.

Tito Eric said...

Wow, indeed! All that food and dancing. I probably would pig out at the sashimi and sushi spread. Great fun you all had, I'm sure!

bertN said...

Weakness ko rin yung sashimi at sushi, lalo na with a chaser of hot sake.

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

But I think, it's too expensive for me hehe

RJ said...

Like the buffet table, life, really, has a lot of choices! That's why I love to live and I love buffet! ANo naman po ang Greek food na nandyan sa buffet?

Can we expect more photos from your visit in Greece?

Tito Eric said...

It's too bad Greece is having its worst economic situation. Wonder who is going to bail it out.

dodong flores said...

I love foods and love seeing those photos.

I wish someday I can also experience what cruising is... :)

Reena said...

haha. i like your favorite table too. but i think i'd enjoy the desserts and chocolate table more. :)

ako naman baliktad, i am very strict with time, thus i almost always come on time or earlier for meetings, and even during meeting friends. i have this reputation for coming early all the time. i punish myself when i'm late. haha.

bertN said...

Christian,if you take everything into consideration it is affordable, even for those with a tight budget.

RJ, I have lots of photo to share but I'm just too lazy to organize and sort them out. I tend to just shoot and forget LOL. Siguro dahil oldie na tayo.

Tito Eric, I wonder, too. But if you are there, you will not get the feel that they are hurting economically.

dodong flores, you will. You are still at the prime of your life.

Reena, some of my North American Pinoy friends should meet you dahil they often kid latecomers that they are still on "pinoy time".