Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 3 Labadee, Haiti

We arrived at Labadee, our first port-of-call, around 8:30 in the morning of December 7. Labadee is a beautiful coastal area located in the northern part of Haiti. It is privately owned and developed by Royal Caribbean exclusively for their guests. Although there is an ongoing epidemic of cholera in Haiti, Labadee is in a fairly remote location and not easily accessible from the rest of the island. All the food and drinks we had there were brought in from the ship so cholera was not even a topic of discussion. 
Cruisers were starting to come out to explore what fun things they can do onshore.

Jet ski anyone? 


Those dots in the sky are zip line riders! Labadee has one of the longest, if not the longest zip line in the world.

It would be nice to explore the inland area with one of this. I am, of course,  referring to the battey powered vehicle!

That's an odd-looking bottle of Corona beer! I had a few of them before going to a lunch of  lobster, barbecued spare ribs and other goodies at the beach.

  Souvenir shops

I got myself a lounge chair, parked it in the shade and took a long nap.  I left swimming, snorkeling, parasailing, kayaking, diving, coaster riding and whatever else is available out there, for the young ones.

It's time for me to return to the ship.

The waiters performed a song and dance routine for our entertainment at dinner time.


George said...

After seeing and reading so much about the devastation and problems in Haiti, it was a surprise to see this beautiful area. For some reason I never considered the possibility of cruise ships stopping in Haiti.

bertN said...

George, isn't that a shame - a piece of Heaven so close to Hell. Life is so unfair - why can't the Good and the Bad be fairly mixed to come up with a Fair?

Rizalenio said...

True - exploring the inland area with a battery powdered vehicle is nice ("with one of this"). Hahaha. I just clicked that photo to enlarge and to see it clearly, of course, I'm referring to the vehicle also. :)

That first photo - it's like a postcard. Awesome.

dong ho said...

those shots of the big cruise by the beach are really fantastic.

envy. envy.

docgelo said...

haiti this time!

i was never surprised to know you had a (few) bottle(s) of beer on the trip, (hahaha, as if i really know you that well!)

i've never tried jet skiing...hmmm..have you?

bertN said...

Rizaleno, I just could not resist taking the pic....and I am not referring to the first photo LOL.

dong ho, I'm glad you like the pic I took of the ship from the shore. I took a lot of them from every ports we visited.

docgelo, jet skiing? No! Beer drinking? Not as much as I used to when I was young and care-free.

Sidney said...

"That's an odd-looking bottle of Corona beer! I had a few of them before going to a lunch of lobster, barbecued spare ribs and other goodies at the beach"

You know how to live, my friend !
Enjoy !

bertN said...

Sidney, that's not my everyday life LOL. I am a corned beef kind of guy to this day (a taste I acquired when I was doing fieldworks in Pinas).

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

I remember reading in the news how this port stop was criticized for being "insensitive" to the sufferings in Haiti. Did anyone in your group think so?

bertN said...

The Nomadic Pinoy, not really. Some members of our group, were more concern with the ongoing cholera epidemic in the area.

Photo Cache said...

i would have to try out royal carribean next time.

except that i don't want to eat with the same people night after night :)

bertN said...

Photo Cache, Norwegian gives you that option but RC and others give you many dining alternatives (some of them you have to pay a fee though)if you are getting tired of seeing the same faces at the dining table every night.

I don't get tired of seeing my cruisemates every night but I think they are of me, so I give them an easy out by not dining regularly with them LOL.

kg said...

this part of haiti was not affected by the earthquake?

beautiful! ang ganda ganda!

grabe ano, ang laki ng cruise ship? :)

bertN said...

kg, not as much. Is is far from the epicenter of the earthquake. The ship is huge - I think the cruising industry is in a race to build bigger cruise ships. I hope they are not pushing their luck too far. As it were, our inaugural cruise did not even fill the ship to capacity.

sheng said...

Ohhhh, you've been to the land forgotten by God and man, Haiti! That's actually what a friend of mine who works for the UN said when I asked him where he was, but a beautiful land like that with fantastic beaches should not be forgotten, it is such a mistake man would do so. Again, I am envious.

RJ said...

Ang sarap ng cruise na 'to, wow!

I was looking for the photos of the lobster, spare ribs, etc. And that bottle of beer- mukhang masarap.

Hindi ko pa pala nasagot ang comment nyo sa blog ko, Western Australia, when I was there, was humid at nasa above 35'C ang maximum temp- it's the last week of summer. I still love the relative humidity of South Australia- hindi malagkit ang pakiramdam. U

Malditang "Kura"cha said...

Inggit much. The shape of that beer is weird indeed. Hindi pwedeng tunggain. hahaha!

As my mom grows old, the more she explore new things like snorkeling, kayaking, coaster riding, ziplining... Hihihi! BTW she retired last year lang ha. Kakaiba. Siguro po sawa na kayo. =) Love your pics, specially yung first.

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

Oh I'd love to do a cruise one day! Kainggit... Would like to visit Haiti too.

bertN said...

sheng, Haiti is more like a land forgotten by politicians and powers-that-be. They are tightfisted in releasing the generous amount of money and goods donated to the Haitians after the devastating earthquake.

Malditang"Kura"Cha, your Mom is an adventurer! Baka maski bata ka pa ay mahirapan kang sumabay sa kanya LOL.

Pinay Travel Junkie, you'll experience cruising, it is just a matter of when. I wish some of these cruise ships make Manila or Cebu a regular port of call.

bertN said...

RJ, I forgot to take a pic of the lobster and spare ribs before I ate them LOL. Foster beer is better, at least to me.

doc anna said...

wow, ang sarap mag-cruise! nakapag-cruise naman kami ni Doc Gelo dito sa Penang!:) will link you up, sir!

MFHCM said...

Great blog love all the posts! Love the pictures! Thanks for keeping us updated.