Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 2 At Sea

I was waiting for the rising sun to shed its cloud cover but it was not happening. I got tired of waiting and I just snapped this pic. I can never be a good photographer! I do not have the patience to wait for all the elements of a good capture to coalesce before taking the pic. Of course, it is different if I were taking a pic of one of Hefner's playmates. I will have all the patience in the world to wait for the best angle, believe me LOL.

I'm not really picky about staterooms. It makes no difference to me whether my room has a porthole, a window, a balcony or just a curtain that opens to a bare wall. I only stay there to sleep, maybe watch a little bit of tv and rest. As long as it is far from the engine room, I'm good to go.

Although I am of average height and definitely not on the heavy side, the size of the shower area is a bit discomforting for me. All the cruise ships I've been on have similar bathroom configuration and size, give or take a few inches. I wonder how an obese person can fit in a space with very little wiggle room. I saw a lot of obese cruisers, some of them morbidly so, but I could not summon the nerve to ask any of them how they manage to take a shower in such a tight space. Baka gulpihin ako LOL.

Staterooms with balcony overlooking the park

Similar staterooms overlooking the boardwalk and the aqua show venue

I needed a stiff drink to ride the zip line - it is a long way down if something goes wrong. I hate to imagine what the impact will do to my beautiful body when I hit bottom at 32 ft/sec/sec LOL.

Surf simulator

Mini golf

First parade I ever saw on a ship

Photographic reminders of the cruise

New York style pizza and beer!

This was good!


Chyng said...

im dying with envy now. haha

George said...

Thanks for taking us along on this second day. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels the need to be a contortionist to get a good shower on a cruise ship. I'm not sure I'd do the zip line, though.

docgelo said...

zip line and golf on a cruise ship? amazing!

and your room is gorgeous, i can sleep and wake up on that bed anytime!

rob said...

.. that will be funny if there will be someone who will get stuck in the shower stall! hehe.

.. i wish we have the same rooms here at the offshore rigs like the one you had! and speaking of engine rooms? the sound does not bother us anymore - with the help of a sleeping aid called as the ear plugs, haha.

Reena said...

haha. nice parin naman yung sunset shot niyo eh. :) you shoudl have tried the zipline! haha.

bntw, just read your comment on my blog. i found it really funny. lol

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

Look at the evolution of cruise ship activities! Never been on one but I can be sure that ziplining is one I would love to do - it's safe Bert, unless you end up falling on one of them sunbathing babes. LOL!

Sidney said...

Truly amazing...there is everything on that ship !

bertN said...

Chyng, you are young, you will go places, it is just a matter of time.

George, I think "contortionist" was the word I was looking for. LOL.

docgelo, rock-climbing and lots more.

Gorgeous? I think that is a more appropriate word to describe our stateroom attendant LOL.

rob, if you are working on an offshore rig they always think you are a tough cookie...a macho man. They don't give much thought to your comfort but they pay you well, supply you with good food and give you time offs that is the envy of those working on land, isn't it?

Reena, I was going to give it a shot but I changed my mind when my wife asked me if my life insurance policy is current LOL.

The Nomadic Pinoy,have you seen that TV show "1000 Ways To Die"?
If I ended up falling on one of those sunbathing babes, I'll be added to that list LOL.

Sidney, almost... but some of them are no longer free.

sheng said...

OMG, OMG! I cannot believe what I was seeing, that cruise is the grandest luxury I could ever have, and that is not even registered in my dreams yet, LOL. I am glad you have the chance to experience that, and thanks a lot for sharing, I'd love to dream about that very soon!

kg said...

pangarap ko makasakay ng cruise! ang ganda ganda naman! and that room is also fine with me!

i'd love to hear more about this trip! sana ma experience ko din yan! :)

Rizalenio said...

There's a parade on a ship? Kasing laki ata ng isang barangay ang ship na ito talaga.

The first photo - it is beautiful, like a painting.

About Hefner's playmates, all angles are best angles. Hahaha.

Kura said...

hangyamaaan naman! Wow talaga. Nag-enjoy akong basahin. Para na rin akong nakasakay sa cruise na yan dahil sa pics and story mo. Thanks for visiting my site. It's really a pleasure. Gagawin na kitang habit =)

bertN said...

sheng, it is not an impossible is affordable. The cruising business will not thrive if it is not.

kg, like I said to sheng, it's a dream within reach of anyone. The average cost is just $100/day for the cruise, give or take a few; airfare, onshore excursions, gratuity, alcoholic drinks are extra but......

Rizaleno, the very first time I saw a Playboy magazine, I made up my mind to be one of their lucky photographers. I'm still working my way to be one. I don't think it is going to happen but I can dream, can't I? LOL.

Kura, hangyamaaan or hangyabaaang? Neither, if you were referring to me! I am just a retired old fart living on a pension.

dong ho said...

wow! im in envy. funny as youve mention space seems to be quite constraint specially in the rooms. but hey when i saw the surf simulator... i was surprised that they can actually have an area that small to at least try surfing.

bertN said...

dong ho, the surf simulator works even in a small area because they make the waves move against relatively stationary surfers instead of vice versa, as is the case in a natural environment.

RJ said...

Your capture of sunrise is still very good, may kakaiba po siyang dating! U