Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Surfing school and fishing

I was comfortable with the surfing school my visiting grandson from San Francisco was going to attend after I checked it out, but my wife and I wanted to make sure that his swimming skill is good enough for him to surf safely. We hired a swimming instructor to put him to a test of his swimming ability and endurance and the verdict was he needed improvement in both areas LOL.

His swimming instructor giving him a workout

His surfing class warming up

The surfer meets the sea

After a week's lesson, he is already looking like a pro....yeah right!

Had enough for the day?

My other grandson living just a mile from us and the surfer dude wanted to learn how to fish so I bought them fishing rods and showed them how to cast at a small lake just across from where we live. This lake is regularly stock with trout during winter and catfish during summer so I figured we'll at least catch something.

I observed how serious and patient they were waiting for a fish to bite. Too bad the fish were probably not hungry or were vacationing somewhere. We went home empty-handed.

I wanted them to experience the thrill of their first catch so I decided to take them to a private lake about a 90 minutes drive away where fishing is less challenging but you have to pay for each fish you catch. It is still a good deal overall.

His first catch of the day!

Look at the smile on his face at his catch - the $3.75 trout is worth it.

We fished at this "lake", one of three in the ranch. A larger lake is exclusively for bass and it is "catch and release" only. It cost $17 to fish all day from the bank or in a float tube. The third lake is stock with trout with a 5 fish limit for $17. Lures and all kinds of bait are allowed here, except live minnows.

I'm afraid these guys are now hooked to fishing for life LOL.


George said...

I'd say you've definitely hooked these two on fishing. Well done!

Photo Cache said...

bonding time with the apos - great time and neat pix.

mahal ba yung surfing lessons>?

Joy said...

Beautiful pictures, Bert! Love the energy of your grandson. Wish I could take up surfing myself.

The weekend is almost here. Looking forward to it?

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

bertN said...

George, they now want to fish every chance they get. It will take some of their time away from computer, nintendo games and TV watching LOL.

Photo Cache, it was $245 for a five day (3 hours per day) class.

Joy, give surfing a shot. If I were your age, I'll probably do it. Nakakainggit sila.

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

Bert, your grandchildren are blessed to have someone like you encouraging them in these watery outdoor pursuits.

dong ho said...

this makes me miss surfing. havent bought a ticket to siargao yet. surfing season na nga pala dun.

bertN said...

The Nomadic Pinoy, I try to get them to do and experience things that were not within my reach when I was growing up.

dong ho, I heard about Siargao and its world class waves that is the envy of every surfers.

Reena said...

i wanted to try surfing too. my friends and i are planning to go to daet next year just to try surfing. :) sana mura lang.

you rubbed off your hobby to them na sir bert. ive tried fishing once lang a few years ago, in a fishpond and kelangan nga ng patience. unfortunately i dont have it. i want to catch a fish asap eh. haha.

your grandsons look very happy. great bonding moments yan. have fun!!!

bertN said...

Reena, give surfing a try. The ocean is free. I'm sure there are a lot of surfers back home willing to get you started for a small fee or even gratis.

Kailangan nga patience when you are fishing,but it is the thrill of the unexpected that makes it exciting.

Reena said...

I will combine both. I will fish while surfing! hahaha....

bertN said...

Reena, good idea! It will keep you busy while waiting for a fish to bite LOL.

sheng said...

Fishing is an experience i have yet to make, maybe soon when we have enough time. Weekdays and weekends are booked for me! Hayyyy...

Sidney said...

That is really a fun vacation !
Great you can do this together with your grandsons!

BlogusVox said...

You mean to say there's an amusement park for fishermen? And you fish just for the fun of it?

Kita mo nga naman. One man's daily sustenance is another man's fun. : )

bertN said...

sheng, give it a try. You live in a fishing paradise which I did not realize when I was doing fieldwork there. Bummer!

Sidney, I really should spend more quality time with them. They are growing up so fast.

BlogusVox, it is not really an amusement park but a place where you can fish for a fee and you do not need a fishing license. It is commonly a private lake, man-made or natural, regularly stocked with catchable fishes.

Fickle Cattle said...

This looks like a lot of fun. I've always wanted to try surfing. I don't think I have the balance for it though.

Nice pictures by the way.

bertN said...

Fickle Cattle, give it a try. What can go wrong if you fall off the board. Btw, thanks for dropping by.