Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I went to the beach to check out the surfing school that my grandson was going to attend the following week. I wanted to make sure he will be in a safe environment and there will be sufficient watchful eyes to keep track of him. He has a tendency to stray away and to ignore instructors/authority figures whether at school, in his swimming class or anywhere else. He just do his own thing when he feels like it. Very frustrating to me at times. Kung nasa atin siya, palo na ang aabutin niya - that's how my father disciplined us when we were growing up in Pinas. It worked with us. All of us grew up to be professionals, responsible family men and women, and a big plus to the society we live in.

On my way to the beach from where I parked my car, I ran into this guy showing off his biking skill for the loose change he can get from the appreciative crowd.

A view of the beach from the pier

A closer view of the beach

A much closer view

Beach volleyball

Rock climbing for the young and not so young

Early comers for a beach concert entertaining themselves to kill time

Tricycles for hire for the lazy

Cops on beach patrol neutralizing a couple of rowdies

Contest for the young at heart

Contestants have to do a somersault, then grab a bottle of water and drink the content while running to the next station.

They have to get a fresh bottle of water and pass it on to their waiting partners and so on......until they complete three laps. It was fun to watch the participants having a ball competing. It was also fun watching some of the spectators...hehehe. Btw, I found the surfing school before I hit the road home LOL.


Photo Cache said...

the beach is so beautiful. that's the diff between norcal and socal beaches, ours have cold water. surfing is done with a wet suit to keep warm.

enjoy your summer.

docgelo said...

when i was looking at your photo with caption, "tricycles for hire for the lazy", i thought the subject was those sexy bikini clad women, not the bikes.

you should have used a stronger lens to zoom in and capture those eye-candy. LOL!

Joy said...

It looks to me like summer is in full swing where you are! Nice capture.

By the way, a GP surgery in the UK is a doctor's clinic. So walk in patients go there to get a check up, not for an operation - minor or otherwise.

It's scorching over here right now. What is it like over your neck of the woods? Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

dyosa said...

I love summer! And I love seeing golden skin glowing under the sun.

Naks, daming photos ng bikini-clad hotties ha. Get a super telephoto (zoom) next time for more "great" photos *wink*

BlogusVox said...

Sana, a much closer view pa doon sa 4th pic. : )

Ang saya at nakatutuwa talaga dyan sa beach nyo. I would enjoy the "sight" very much. >: D

bertN said...

Photo Cache, I think norcal and socal beaches are both beautiful in their own ways, although up north the water is indeed a lot colder.

docgelo, those girls came into view just when I pressed the shutter LOL.

I do feel the need for a camera with a more powerful zoom lens but I'm still reluctant to carry the extra weight.

Joy, we are enjoying a nice summer but the weather here is really nice year round...no snow except in the mountains in winter and very few exceptionally hot days in summer.

Thanks for the info about GP surgery.

dyosa, come to our beaches, you will have a great time. I do see a lot of camera enthusiasts lugging cannon-like telephoto lenses. I hate the extra load, I'll just get closer next time LOL.

BlogusVox, magbakasyon ka dito during our summer months or any month of the year, socal has much to offer - beaches, mountains, lakes, deserts, theme parks.......

George said...

It looks as if you had a perfect day for visiting the beach. Everyone appears to be enjoying themselves. I hope you found the surfing school to be satisfactory.

Reena said...

hala...nag-iwan na ako msg dito ah. :(

anyway, fave ko yung "musch closer view" photo. hahaha. pasalamat ka sir bert sa apo mo, kundi hidni mo makikita ung magandang shoreline na yan. :)

Missy said...

Is this in Huntington Beach? I miss the summer in SoCal, here it's still raining I guess we will never have a summer ;-'(

You should zoom your lens more so we could see the ladies in two-piece hehehe...so there you are...thanks for your grandson! ;-)

bertN said...

George, the surfing school was OK. My grandson said he learned a lot from the class.

Reena, oo nga kung hindi sa apo ko ay hindi ako magtitiyagang mag-hang out sa beach, e di hindi ko tuloy makikita yung beautiful shorelines LOL.

Missy, you are right about the place. It's Huntington Beach. I only have a point and shoot with a limited zoom capability. I'll get closer next time LOL.

bing said...

so many to feast on ha ha ha

i love the pic of the guy with the monobike, and the one with stretched beautiful bodies on the beach.

the beach always gives this nice feeling to me especially when they're calm.

Cecile said...

I agree with Kuya Bert...I like the way parents in Pinas discipline their kids. I am a product of it myself...also...kids here tend to do their things than listening....and that is sad because in the end they get hurt....realized that they should have listened.

rolly said...

the pbotos are fantastic although I still have that sentence about having been napalo by our daddies! Yeah, that was how we were brought up and how we were told to mind our manners. And we didn't come out to psychos, did we?

bertN said...

bing, I always enjoy the time I spend at the beach whether I am by myself or with a horde of sunbathers LOL. Thanks for dropping by.

Cecile, even my own children agree with us. They keep asking me to discipline their kids (my grandchildren)the way I disciplined them. I can't. It is their job now.

rolly, sabi nga "ang palo daw ng magulang ay nakatataba". You can't do that here though. They'll take the kids away and they'll haul you to jail.

dong ho said...

oh wow! the rock/wall climbing looks cool! ive been wanting to do wall climbing here again to counter the rainy season i do some indoor activities.