Thursday, November 5, 2009

Caesaria, Haifa, Megiddo, Nazareth, Cana and Tiberias

After a well-deserved rest at Tel Aviv, we drove to Haifa, stopping along the way to see Caesaria, the city built by King Herod. In Haifa, we went up Mt. Carmel, the home of prophets Elijah and Elisha, to visit Stella Maris Church. We visited the excavations at Megiddo before proceding to Nazareth where we had mass in the Church of the Annunciation and married couples in our group were invited to renew their marriage vows. We moved on to Cana of Galilee, where Jesus performed His first miracle of changing water into wine at a wedding feast. Finally to Tiberias for the night.

The tour bus that took us to the different places in Israel. It was big for a touring group of only 15 but I'm not complaining.

The enthusiastic, bible-quoting guide was telling us that the reason why these statues were without heads was because the ancient residents of Caesaria just mounted appropriate heads to make new statues. If I heard him right, this is a distant precursor to photoshop.

He is telling us important historical facts about the amphitheater none of which I can recall at the moment.

While the local guide was feeding us with more information about Caesaria, my attention was riveted to this solitary fisherman trying his luck at sea. What an incredible vacation it would have been for me, if I had the chance to fish the Mediterranean Sea and catch a big one. During all the time I was watching him he did not get a single bite but I bet he had a hell of a good time regardless.

A view of the port city of Haifa and the Mediterranean Sea (the sea is there if you can see through the haze) from a small lookout across the street from Stella Maris Church.

The ruins at Megiddo

Excavations at this site revealed a series of temples built on top of each other over a period of two thousand years.

On the way back to the bus, I ran into this tindahan selling these stuffs. I can only recognize peanuts from the lot.


Anonymous said...

shame on me, i know less of these biblical places. although i know nazareth and cana, the others slipped my neurons. good thing we get to tour it with your post.
i can't blame you to noticed that fisherman; ganun din ako, malikot ang tingin sa paligid, hahaha..
...dami namang nuts! dami nyang uric acid!

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

While everyone else was listening to the guide, I can well imagine your itchy feet wanting to move around to capture photos.

bertN said...

docgelo, I probably know less about these biblical places than you do. I relied on my wife who is a very religious person, a product of Catholic schools in Pinas and very active in our local religious community. I have drifted away from the church since my days at college and still so to this day. Who said opposite cannot attract?LOL.

The Nomadic Pinoy, I never really pay too much attention to guides in all the organized travels that I join. I usually just read about the place after the fact, if I find it within my range of interest LOL. I'm just happy I'm there to live the moment.

RJ said...

The photos are great, pero parang gusto ko pang dagdagan niyo ang mga 'to!

'Yong 10th photo po ba ang sa Cana (the first miracle?) Wow!

rolly said...

That's a very nice tour. I'm sure it was very tiring, too, huh?

bertN said...

RJ, I will, and soon. I'm still trying to shake off jet lag. Matanda na kasi LOL.

rolly, it was tiring for us oldies. Maraming lakad sa init at paakyat pa madalas. Some members of our group couldn't make it and just stayed in the bus or at the hotel on certain days. But it was worth it to all.

dodong flores said...

Nice photos. The bus must be comfortable for all of you tourists since there are only 15 of you with that so big bus...
If I visit this place, I wish I can make it at the earlier stage of my life so I may endure the heat and may be able to climb up some places. You just said that the trip is tiring for "oldies."

15 days tour ba yon across three countries on land travel? Wow, this is what I love to have...

bertN said...

dodong flores, the bus is big enough for all of us to change seats whenever we feel like it. That's a luxury on a tour bus unless there is a mandatory daily rotation of seats. Kung hindi, the selfish ones will keep the best seats in the bus through the whole trip.

It is always best to travel while you are younger even if your travel budget is tight. When you are older, maski with a generous budget, you will not enjoy as much. Take it as a gospel truth from me,I've done both and I enjoyed most the travels I have done when I was younger and did not know any better LOL.I often went on the road with a very limited budget with no idea where I was going to spend the night but I enjoyed my travels then, much more than now.

Missy said...

What a nice tour through your lens, although I'm not that familiar with the places you toured which were mentioned in the bible too hehehe. Iba talaga kapag hilig ang fishing you even noticed that the man didn't even get one but you didn't remember the tour guide telling about the historical facts of the places you visited hehehe. I can't wait to see your next post. Ano na naman kaya ang makikita ninyo that looked interesting hehehe

BlogusVox said...

It looks like an educational tour for you, not withstanding how commercialize the tour.

BTW, thanks for the tip. : )

bertN said...

Missy, some of the lesser known biblical places we visited I just heard for the first time myself. I was learning and learning fast and sadly, forgetting as fast, too LOL.

BlogusVox, it is so commercialized they'll get you coming and going if you don't hang tight to your wallet LOL.