Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hurley US Open of Surfing, July 2009

Yesterday I went to Huntington Beach to take some pictures at the US open surfing competition which has been going on for several days already. When I got there, I found out that my subcompact camera is inadequate for the task because the surfers were too far out of its range. How the heck did I come up with the idea that I can take decent photos of surfers riding the waves with my tiny gadget? LOL. I dropped my plan and decided to head home but thought I might as well snap a few photos, here and there, before I hit the road.

These are serious photo enthusiasts. They were there very early to claim their spot and they were armed with cameras fitted with powerful zoom lenses.

Look at that zoom monster!

This is the south side of the pier were the competition was being held.

Same side, behind the grandstand, where the sponsors have their booths to showcase their products or services.

North side of the pier, where the beachgoers were just relaxing and taking in the sun, not caring a bit about the surfing competition.

I don't know what he was cooking on the griddle, it did not look appetizing but a long line of people waiting to get a bite of it do no agree with me.

This guy was not selling anything, he was just giving them away!

Another freebie

More free samples


Dennis Villegas said...

Looks like you had a great time Bert even if you didn't have those monster zooms! (I bet the one who brought that 1200mm didn't enjoy as much as you did hehehe) said...

never mind the surfing and that monstrous zoom lens; the heat is on in CA with those bikini clad women! bring it on, Bert! LOL.

bing said...

someday i am going to enjoy the days with a catching photos everywhere with a nice camera.

Missy said...

hey Bert, that means you have to buy a new camera hehehe but never mind, I think you enjoyed seeing those women in bikinis and taking some snap shot photos. Those huge lens are ....kakainggit hehehe

BlogusVox said...

Natawa ako! Nakakahiya namang makipagsiksikan ka sa mga "photo-inthusiasts" with their humungous cameras at ang dala-dala mo e instamatic! : D

If I'm there, I would enjoy more watching those girls in the freebie stand than the surfers. >: D

bertN said...

Dennis Villegas and docgelo, it looks like the three of us have the same idea of what fun is really all about at the beach LOL.

bing, I bet you'll have more enjoyment taking photos with a state of the art camera but even with an ordinary run of the mill point and shoot, you'll still have fun. It is all in the mind.

Missy, I am a step closer to buying a really good digital slr, especially when I saw the pics my buddy produced with his Nikon camera. However, I am deterred every time I think about the inconveniences I have to go through lugging an expensive and bulky camera. Help me make up my mind!

BlogusVox, that's exactly how I felt holding my tiny point and shoot LOL. Parang naka-shirt and tie ako sa gitna nang mga naka- tuxedo.

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

I love freebies kahit I realize later di ko naman pala kailangan, ha ha! You know Bert, I share your problem with limited zoom - what I sometimes do is just take a photo and crop later.

bertN said...

The Nomadic Pinoy, talagang mahirap iwasan ang mga freebies LOL. I also do cropping but if the original pic was taken at less than the optimum pixels, the result is not as good as you want it to be. It is a good way to compensate for lack of a poweful zoom lens although still inferior in all ways but none LOL. Thanks for the suggestion.

Missy said...

bertN- you better buy the nikon dslr now hehehe, Dennis Villegas ;-) has that, I bought mine too last year and I'm enjoying it. You don't have to buy extra lens, for a beginner....but maybe later on you'll end up buying one too pero di pa rin ako nakakabili ng extra lens. I'm still in the learning curve of taking photos w/ my dslr....hindi pa pang pro yun mga pictures ko hehehe.

bertN said...

I'm taking your advice seriously, although I'm still leaning heavily to the great convenience of a subcompact digital camera, notwithstanding what I have to give up, photographically speaking.

thess said...

Bert, looks like you really had fun, sans dslr, look at those photos ;)

Unless you're prepared to carry, like you said, bulky body (camera) I say go for it (dslr) but if you're leaning towards comfort and ease of use, P&S will do.

may mga p&s na po na malalaki na ang zoom capacity, especially if you buy one which you can add extra lens on. may mga kuha nga po ako ng buwan (moon) na p&s lang gamit ko :)

dodong flores said...

I like the "Another freebie" photo!

Looks like my 300mm lens fits for this event.

But honestly, I enjoy taking photos lots of photos with my wide angle lens than just taking a few photos with my telephoto lens. There are so many opportunities to be photographed with a wide angle lens that with telephoto. And that served your subcompact camera very well :)

bertN said...

thess, actually I upgraded my point and shoot from a 3X to a 10X zoom. I'm fairly happy with it, although there are times when I feel I needed a more powerful one. Maybe I'll just get closer to the subject, if I can LOL.

I'd like to see your moon shots. Do you have some of them in your blog?

dodong flores, your 300mm lens is made to order for those events where getting closer is impossible.
I agree, there are more opportunities for a wide angle lens. In fact, I even go to the extend of stitching photos to achieve super wide angle shots.

Mari said...

At least you got some decent photos with your point and shoot. It's in what you shoot - the bikini girls - that made the photos interesting.

Thanks for your visit and nice comment. Care to link?

bertN said...

Sure! And thanks for your visit.

Btw, I find beach watching infinitely more interesting that bird watching LOL.