Sunday, July 19, 2009

Orange County Fair 2009

It's that time of the year when the county fair is here again. I can't help checking the place out at least once during its month long run. This morning was a bad day to come because the temperature was in the high eighties (deg. F.) My wife and I only stayed there less than a couple of hours then left with the plan to return in the evening. However, I found a more interesting thing to do the rest of the day - watch TV and go to sleep LOL. The fair visit will have to wait another day.

I pity the guy whose job is to tend the barbecue pit - the poor guy works under the sun and every so often endures the blast of heat from the pit to check the meat .

My favorite watering hole

I am in awe at what some photographers can do to make an ordinary subject looked extraordinary.


RJ said...

This post reminds me of an Australian fair. 80-89'F isn't really bad, but you're right it is not easy to work in that barbecue pit. Who knows, it may be for $30 an hour!

I'd prefer the indoor display. Especially sa food and drinks section. May free taste din po ba? Hahah! U

bertN said...

I agree, high eighties under the sun isn't that bad, but as I age, my tolerance for the low and high ends of the temperature scale gets shorter and shorter. Maybe I got spoiled living in a location where the temperature for the greater part of the year hovers around the seventies or...I am just getting too old LOL.

I don't know how much those guys working in the barbecue pits are paid. I know undocumented aliens with very little skill who hangs out at some street corners waiting to be offered temporary jobs are in the range of $10-15 per hour depending on their skill level and ability to communicate in English. My brother often hire some of them for odds and ends work. My brother's Spanish is as bad as their English but they manage to understand each other somehow LOL.

docgelo said...

i can't stand heat as well, i prefer to wear layered clothing on a cold weather rather than to sweat under the sun.
pity those people who'll do everything just to earn. and shame on those who pay them less.

i hope the system abroad can be applied also here in PI - the more skilled and educated you are, the higher the hourly rate. (only few of us professionals are paid by the hour here). damn, i'm having those wishful thinking again. suntok sa buwan iyon! lol.

i also like exhibits - all forms of visual arts i like :D

bertN said...

It is generally true that the more skilled and educated you are, the higher your earning will be. It still depends on how badly your skill or education is needed. I think this is true worldwide.

I have a friend who has a geology degree with many years of experience who cannot find a job in NY. He decided to go back to school and get a nursing degree. He is doing great now financially, but he still regrets the fact that he left the profession that is dear to his heart.

Reena said...

oo nga. kawawa yung nagba-barbq! i want to go to these kind of fairs. they look fun, at least on tv ha. hehe..

and i agree with you on photography. some really have an eye for detail and they capture them well in photos.

bertN said...

It is fun going to the fairs(especially the OC and LA fairs, two of the largest)- there's a lot of interesting things to see and do.

It takes a lot of work to be a good photographer. I admire those who excel in this field. Isa iyan sa aking "suntok sa buwan" LOL.

Missy said...

Oh I remember this Orange County Fair, we've been here once when we were in CA. Looks so hot now there, here it's still raining. I think the summer here is just a month :-) Oh I really miss CA everytime I visit your blog waaaaa

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

I'm glad you wrote about county fairs as I haven't been to one and I think there's some in upstate NY in the coming weeks. Too bad it got uncomfortably hot for you - I wouldn't like to roast myself in the heat even with SPF 50 slathered unto my skin.

sheng said...

If i can only travel to a lot of places and never think of whats there to eat, what to wear, what to do next to earn, i will probably join you in touring the world, kaya lang naghihintay pako ng swerte, kaya hanapbuhay muna, lovely pics, I envy you for traveling to places.... hay, sana ako din, hehehe. Have a great week!

bertN said...

Missy, give us some of your rain, we have water shortage everywhere LOL.

The Nomadic Pinoy, the temperature fluctuates betwen ideal and hot depending on where you are in the county and the time of the day. But it is not as much a bother as the water shortage. Some counties in Southern California are now advising homeowners to lessen the frequency of lawn watering to twice a week, to not hose their driveways, and to generally lessen their water usage in every way they think possible.

sheng, you are still young, I'm sure your dream of travel will be realized. I did not get a chance to travel outside of our country until I was in my early thirties. Keep your dream alive.