Sunday, May 31, 2009

Redondo Beach, California

Redondo Beach is a 10 minutes drive from our old neighborhood. I used to fish at its pier, in the jetties or board the fishing boats that take you out in the ocean for a day of fishing. Since we moved to Orange county in the early 70's, I seldom visit the place (although it is only about 35 miles away) unless I have some out of town visitors who have a weakness for fresh seafood and salty air.

This is the new pier that replaced the old one that was heavily damaged during an unusually heavy storm that visited Southern California years ago.

A bigger and more comfortable place to cast your line for bonitos
Nice restos and entertainment venues at the pier

Boats readily available to take you for a short cruise

None of these is mine....unfortunately LOL

Crabs, shellfish and assorted fishes you can buy and have them cook for you

We used to catch these kind of crabs at the jetties in Cabrillo beach but that is history now.

Bring a combo of bagoong, vinegar and garlic if you are not too crazy about melted butter and lemon to dip your steamed crabs.

Oysters and other shellfishes are also available for steaming or eaten raw. I love raw oysters on the half shell with a squeeze of lemon, a dash of tabasco and a cold beer.

They even have a gondola to take you and your significant other for a "romantic cruise" while you enjoy your champagne or wine. The gondolero will sing like in Venice to annoy you if he thinks you are a lousy tipper LOL.

That's one of the fishing boat now loading to take fishermen out to sea to try their luck

The day I visited was not an ideal day for the beach and for photography. The sky was heavily overcast and there was a slight drizzle...very unusual for sunny Southern California.


RJ said...

I've read that California has almost the same weather with South Australia- the Mediterranean-like climate. Kaya totoo, medyo nagulat akong gloomy ang mga photos.

Nagugustuhan ko talaga ang blog na ito, nakakagala ako, nakakakain ako, etc. o",)

I like the structural design of the shops on the 3rd photo.

BlogusVox said...

This place is familiar. I can't remember where I've seen it. I don't know kung sa movie or in a postcard.

docgelo said...

i've been in redondo beach! my uncle and aunt who works for lax drove us here several years ago. this post brings back memories. ah,california, wish to be back there soon (for good?) =)

those crabs are yummiest! from LA to sanfo to san diego to vegas, most crabs that i've seen there were all long legged! it seemed even american crabs are "tall"

so there's a "dampa-style/paluto" there as well just like here in manila (macapagal ave and paranaque) and the shores of roxas city in capiz and other provinces.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful place and delicious foods. Sarap siguro mag-visit dyan.

PUSANG-gala said...

I think the pictures above are testament that you made the right choice after all-----

____about your comment in my post.

bertN---wow---that's very brave of you Bern-=--at least you will not nag yourself one day for not doing what your heart desired.......

I think that's how it is----we have to be bold sometimes and just go for it....Im just playing it too safe I guess that's why I am bored..... thanks thanks

dodong flores said...

I also love eating raw oysters on the half shell with a squeeze of lemon and a cold beer.

These are beautiful photos despite of the overcast skies. I love the viewpoint in the fifth photo. I'd like to own one of those boats too!

Missy said...

Once again......I miss California!! hehehe and I miss Redondo Beach, how I wish I took some photos of Redondo Beach when we were still there :-( I remember we brought "kanin" and we ate seafood and nagkamay kami, kakahiya nga eh pero mahirap kasi kumain ng seafood na may tinidor hehehe. Nice post BertN, pwede magrequest uli??? Sta. Monica naman hahaha. Thanks for sharing your photos.

bertN said...

RJ, I think Southern California has one of the best weather, if not the best, in the whole US of A. We also have the best drive-by shooters in the nation LOL.

Virtual travel and virtual food - hindi ka tataba at hindi papayat ang buksa mo. I'm probably going that route pretty soon given the current state of California's economy and the nation's LOL.

BlogusVox, probably both, but more likely in postcards.

docgelo, Redondo Beach is an easy drive from LAX or nearby cities.

Some crabs can only be "harvested" when they are at the right size that's why you see them as big as they are in the market. There's now a lot of places here where you can buy seafood and they'll cook them for you for free. You can either, take them home or eat them on site, picnic-style.

walkwithmetothemoon, come and visit us, you'll not regret it. There's a lot you can see within a couple of driving hours from where you'll be in Southern California - snow, desert, mountain, ocean, urban chaos, foreign country (Mexico), and lots more.

PUSANG-gala, like I said the jury is still out but I am happy that I did what I felt was the right choice.

Life is a gamble - sometimes you just have to do what you think is best for you and if you are proven wrong, just charge it to experience and move on.

dodong flores, I'm sure some day you'll be the proud owner of a sailboat or a motorboat. I've given up on it though - too much work and expenses for the amount of joy I was getting out of it. Nakikisakay na lang ako at nagbabayad for my fair share, wala pa akong sakit ng ulo LOL. But you will not feel like you are the captain of your own boat and master of your destiny LOL.

Missy, ngayon nagtitinda na sila ng cooked rice (dahil siguro sa dami ng Asians na nagpupunta duon). There is no other way to properly eat crabs unless you use your bare hands. Masisiraan ka ng bait kung tinidor ang gagamitin mo LOL.

Basta ikaw, Santa Monica here I come! I do not know when it is going to be but I'll be there. I have a nephew who flies for PAL who wants to check out the place when he was here last. I told him I'll take him there come summertime. What's with Santa Monica anyway?

Sidney said...

Looks like paradise for sea food lovers !

bertN said...

Sydney, it is indeed a little bit of paradise but a touch expensive compared to less touristy and locally patronized places.

Joy said...

Wow, all that seafood!!! Yummy. The beach looks interesting, too, is quite reminiscent of Miami.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come back tomorrow!

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The Nomadic Pinoy said...

I find eating seafood close to the waters very gratifying. It tells me what I'm eating is freshly caught. My most memorable seafood were in the Philippines and Morocco.

bertN said...

Joy, yes, seafood, one of the major attraction in living here; in addition to the weather and the population make up. For beach lovers, you are in for an overload - from the state border with Oregon to the international border with Mexico. Come and visit us!

The Nomadic Pinoy, seafood is one of my weaknesses. I didn't get a chance to go to Morocco when I was in the Iberian Peninsula but I've got it lined up in my travel book.

the donG said...

nice place! but i wonder why the name? because redondo means circle.

bertN said...

the donG, I really do not have any idea why it was named Redondo. I didn't even know redondo means circle.

Photo Cache said...

Hi kabayan, I don't always come here but when I do I read all the posts I missed and I'm really enjoying all your posts, especially the travels and the cruises. Is there any cruise route you've never been and always wanted to go?

bertN said...

Photo Cache, I'm glad you enjoy my posts. I've never cruise South America and Tahiti and neighboring islands yet. I am hoping I can do one or the other this year but its an iffy.