Friday, August 8, 2008

Monarch butterfly waystation

I revisited a nature center recently and I was surprised to find out that they have added a Monarch butterfly waystation. I lingered at the site a bit and waited to see if an impressive number of butterflies will show up. A few did and I tried to catch them with my point and shoot camera. Maybe the word will get around to the Monarch butterflies that there is a new place for them to hang out and the next time I visit the place there will be a swarm of them around LOL.

This sign attracted my attention

Eyeing a cozy landing spot

The Monarch has landed!

Preparing to take off

A Monarch hanging out

This is not a Monarch but I took a picture of the bug just for the heck of it LOL


dyosa said...

wow. wonderful photos! :-)

rolly said...

butterflies have always been a marvel to look at. That is without mentioning the stages it has to go through in order to be what it is.

Nice photos, indeed.

tutubi said...

is that a place where those butts pass by during migration?

Senor Enrique said...

What beautiful creatures! Nice capture, too.

dailyphotographer said...

great shots sir:D

bertN said...

dyosa, thanks for dropping by.

rolly,I never could get enough of them ever since I was a kid.

tutubi, when they created this waystation that is what they have in mind. I hope I'll have a chance to visit the place in Mexico where they hybernate during winter.

senor enrique, they are a living, breathing beauty indeed.

dailyphotographer, thanks!