Sunday, April 6, 2008

More pics from Central Europe

We took this train ride inside a small park in Frankfurt, Germany thinking that it was a good way to see the entire park in a jiffy. We did not know that halfway through we were to get off and be required to pay again to get back to where we started! What a rip-off LOL.

This is the first McDonald place I saw that charges a fee to go to the toilet!

A couple of furnaces in a crematorium at Auschwitz, Poland where the Nazi burned the corpses of thousands of Jews.

A lone bird checking out the empty tables

A group of German girls started waving when they saw me aimed my camera in their direction.

An accident at the autobahn - a high speed road in Germany where there is no speed limit.


Ferdz said...

Interesting travels you got here. Hmmm. a mcdonald with a pay toilet? That's new.

Europe is still a long way to go for me. Maybe in a few years I could visit the place.

bertN said...

It has become a trend in Europe to charge people, especially in places where there are heavy presence of tourists, a fee to use the toilet facilities. What will they think of next?

luna miranda said...

A pay toilet is popular here...even in the malls. At least you're assured of toilet paper and running water when you're in a pay toilet! hahahaha

A crematorium in Auschwitz---what an interesting place to visit!

elay said...

i like the lone bird and empty tables..and the girls at the window. wonderful pics!