Saturday, March 8, 2008

then and now....

now...My two brothers and I took this free bus ride to the Barona casino in San Diego to take advantage of the casino's promotional offer - "If you lose $48,000 playing the slot machines, we'll give you a free cup of coffee; if you lose $2,000 more, we'll let you take home the cup." Just joking! Actually, the offer was a free roundtrip bus ride to the casino and if you play the slot machines for at least two hours, the casino will refund (in cash) your loses up to $200. They give you an incentive bonus, too.. if you win. I didn't care what it was because every time I play the slot machines (Las Vegas, Reno, etc.) I always lose LOL. I was just there for the free ride and to satisfy my curiosity.

The guy in the red shirt was the driver and the lady with the clipboard was the one-woman welcoming committee, "OK, who are here for the first time? Good! We have a lot of freebees for you and I hope you all have a good time..(I hope we can convince you to be a regular contributor to the economic well-being of our casino LOL). It was a day of fun though for us - a good way to kill the day.

then......I went on a fishing trip with some friends to Punta Colorada (a few miles north of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico) and this was our "harvests" for the day - a shark, a marlin and a dorado. Really nothing to crow about but we worked hard to catch one of them (not really, the deck hand helped us set the hook on the marlin and he encouraged us with beers while we took turn fighting it LOL).

Actually, while trolling you are supposed to set the hook if the marlin bites and then you "work" on it SOLO until you get it close enough to the boat to be gaffed so you can claim credit for catching it. The only credit we claimed was we provided the hotel guests with a marlin dinner that night LOL. Personally, I'd rather go for the smaller varieties of fish with a very light tackle. Try catching a 20 pounder fish with a light tackle and a 2 lbs. test line. It is less work and it is more rewarding....if you can successfully land the fish. I've lost too many of them my wife said if I were fishing for a living I'll starve to death LOL


Senor Enrique said...

Beautiful bus! I have a sister-in-law who got addicted to gambling. She used to frequent those gambling dens operated by American indians ... hehehe!

bertN said...

The bus is also equiped with a toilet for the convenience of the passengers, although for such a short trip it is not really necessary.

A lot of people get addicted to gambling unfortunately. One should only gamble "entertainment" money he/she can afford to lose. Over the long haul nobody wins but the house.

pusa said...

whoa i didnt know you have a blog bertn!!!

nice photos and great stories of your "misadventures" LOL

inggit ako ang dami mo na napuntahan

bertN said...

pusa, ngayon palang nag-uumpisang magblog and learning along the way.

marami-rami na ring napuntahan dahil "matandang tinali" na tayo LOL.