Sunday, December 16, 2012


I didn't realize it's been more than a month since my last posting! I do not know what's wrong with's probably the burden of advancing age LOL. Anyway, the program for the day is an excursion to The Hague, a visit to Madurodam and lunch at a fancy, beachside restaurant. Easy enough for oldies like us.

The Hague

As we walked to the entrance to Madurodam, we saw a visual representation of the boy who plugged a hole in the dam with his hand and saved the town. Unfortunately this is just a product of imagination gone wild.

 Madurodam is a place to see if you have the time to kill.

 What the hell, I might as well take a pic!
Wooden shoes galore

This is the place for our lunch break and it is free. I'm not complaining.

Our group of traveling oldies. I was the self-appointed photographer.

Beach! No offense, but I still prefer the beaches of Southern California.



George said...

It was well worth the wait to see this photos of your visit to Rotterdam. Did you try on that large wooden shoe for size? The beach is a little too crowded for my taste as well.

Photo Cache said...

Happy Holidays.

sheng said...

That was a beach? I haven't seen anything wet, only beach umbrellas... but then again, it seems as though you enjoyed your travel there.

bertN said...

George, I guess I am spoiled. Southern California beaches are never this crowded.

Photo Cache, Maligayang Pasko sa inyo at iyong mga mahal sa buhay. Keep on traveling!

sheng, why do you think a lot of Europeans enjoy Pinas beaches LOL.

Aleah | said...

The Hague is lovely! I especially like the shot of that boy plugging the hole in the dam. Soo touching. It's really too bad I didn't get to go there. I already had a Couchsurfing host and everything :((

bertN said...

Aleah, sayang but you'll have another chance, in fact, many more chances to revisit Europe. Keep on traveling,

Reena said...

Hi Sir Bert! Let someone else take the group photo so we can see you! Haha. I like that story of the boy too.

Happy holidays!

bertN said...

Reena, Maligayang Pasko sa iyo!

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

Echoing Reena's observation, it'd be nice to see you in the photo as well. Unless you just don't want to be seen as the baby of the group? :)

Merry Christmas Bert!

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

Ahh, didn't get the chance to visit The Hague too for I didn't have much time while I was there :( Happy holidays!

BlogusVox said...

Did you bought a pair of "sabot" for posterity?

Merry Christmas and more travel next year, bertN!

bertN said...

Reyna, sige na nga. I posted a photo of myself with my CIC (Commander-in-Chief)LOL. Merry Christmas!

The Nomadic Pinoy, I'm still young from the neck down LOL. Merry Christmas and keep sharing your travel adventures with us.

Pinay Travel Junkie, you and your family had a very tight schedule covering the world in the time that you did. Where did you guys get the energy?

BlogusVox, oo nga more travel before the legs give up LOL. Merry Christmas!



docgelo said...

I can just imagine myself enjoying dinner with "your group of traveling oldies" It must be more than delightful -insightful!

Happy 2013! Cheers to more travels and cruises to you & the family!

bertN said...

docgelo, I think we'll enjoy more your company than you enjoying us. At mealtime most of the things you'll hear from some in our group are endless belly-aching about the food LOL.I don't mine them because it gives me a better reason to drink more.