Sunday, October 28, 2012


The program for the day was to motor to the center of Haarlem, take a leisurely walk to the market square then visit the Frans Hal Museum and return to the boat for a late lunch. The boat will then depart for Rotterdam. A "rough" schedule for old foggies like us LOL.

There are always bikes to remind us that this is a great bike country.

A mother shopping with her daughter in tow.

Love those bread!

This local biker signaled our group to give him room to pass through and we gladly obliged. A truly civilized interaction. This is not going to happen in the inner cities of LA and Orange counties. If you see a group standing on the street, better find another way to your destination or you will find your bike wrap around your neck...if you are lucky LOL.

Naughty! I don't think you'll find a pic like this one hanging in a museum anywhere in Pinas LOL.

The oldies taking another break LOL. Not really...they were waiting for the group they were following to finish their guide's talk.

I'm always fascinated with narrow, traffic-less and peaceful street

A passing view from our cabin

On our way to Rotterdam

A pleasant weather for topdeck viewing

Another narrow bridge to clear! This is getting to be a habit.

This is THE entire onboard entertainment. You can listen to him sing, dance to his music or sit in the bar and get drunk every night.


Photo Cache said...

another incredible destination. i really like their narrow cobbled alleys in europe, for me they are so magical, so romantic.

George said...

Haarlem looks like a wonderful place to visit. I, too, like those quiet streets. I'm not sure I could keep up with the frantic pace you had at this place.

RJ said...

Ano pong tawag sa art na nasa dining table? That museum looks interesting!

These photos are very atypical of The Netherlands- na may mga tulips at windmills!

Reena said...

The view from your cabin looks like a painting!... You're right about one of the paintings. :P

bertN said...

Photo Cache, the narrow alleys in Europe I've been to are devoid of trash and "tambays", too.

George, it is a wonderful place to visit and spend a relaxing day.

RJ, hindi ko alam and I never even thought of asking about it.

Reena, that's what I like about river cruising. You do not need to go topdeck to enjoy the passing scenery. You can just stay in your cabin, play with your laptop (free wifi), drink wine (no restriction on the booze you can bring in from outside), and enjoy the view.

Rizalenio said...

Hahaha. That painting in the museum.

Your photos are full of sunshine, Sir. Love the view from the cabin. Para sigurong dinuduyan kapag matulog sa cabin na yan. :)

Happy weekend, Sir.

bertN said...

Rizalenio, I find that painting amusing, too. Wala ng "Sir" please.

Aleah | said...

I like small side streets too. I choose those to walk on rather than the main ones. And how nice it is to dine with artworks around you!

bertN said...

Aleah, there are some places where it is not advisable to walk on small streets, especially if you are walking solo.

docgelo said...

bert, that shot taken from your cabin is i like the best! kahit na may clutter na water bottles at one side, it makes the photo more natural and spontaneous then the focus leads to that purple or magenta sailboat, blue waters and windmills. parang painting sa dami ng kulay! pero mas takaw pansin ang naughty painting photo! ayaw ng mga prayle iyan!

bertN said...

docgelo, the scene was disappearing fast, I did not have time to remove the clutter LOL. You have developed an enviable photographic skill for details. Ako, point and click, click, click pa rin kaya hindi ako makuhang photographer ng Playboy (for which I am willing to work for free or pay for the privilege)LOL.

sheng said...

If you want your museum to get attention and more attention, that naughty painting will come in handy. Remember that museum having condoms and whatnots in display, it was bombarded by issues, and that's how narrow-minded some people can become, even with their educational background.

bertN said...

sheng, you are right on the money!

docgelo said...

hahaha! naughty you, bert! hahaha!

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

What a painting. Di kaya may mammary gland blessing noong unang panahon? hehe!