Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kusadasi, Turkey

Our next port of call was Kusadasi, a popular seaside resort in Turkey and best known for its historical and archaelogical sites. Less than half an hour away is the ancient city of Ephesus, the shrine of the Virgin Mary's house, the ruins of St. John's Basilica and I don't remember what else. Our shore excursion was not organized by the cruise ship. We got it from the internet and we were very happy with the deal we got - a minivan for the four of us with a knowledgeable guide for $50/person for the day with an included lunch. Of course, we had to make sure we get back before sailing time - the ship will gladly leave us behind for not patronizing their shore excursions LOL.

Kusadasi port area

Our cruise ship, the Celebrity Equinox

I don't feel comfortable when I see armed guards anywhere.

It was really not that hot but it was preferable to stay in the shade while our guide was pumping us with information about the ruins.

I find the tattooed back of this tourist more interesting than the ruins.

The sun did damage to the mind of this tourist - she thinks she's the missing statue in the ruins LOL.

One of the signs says, "Genuine fake watches" LOL.

More ruins! I have enough, let's go back to the ship.


docgelo said...

"I find the tattooed back of this tourist more interesting than the ruins." --I'm sure! hahaha! You're more fascinated with the ink, right, bert? I thought so too. :)

USD200 for the 4 of you and van+tourist guide/driver? ayos na deal na yun! kaya lang di ka ata nag enjoy sa ruins? *kidding*

sheng said...

Haha, you got me laughing real hard on that tattoo thing. mas interesting siya kesa sa ruins, haha. I don't understand why she has to flaunt it that way. But then again, it wouldn't be appreciated if she keeps it underneath, righto? Hehe...


bing said...

you are so funny, bertN! i am laughing right now while typing. :D

BlogusVox said...

I bet you found the tattoo design quite facinating. : )

At least the vendor was honest enough to tell prospective buyers his watches are "real" fakes. : D

bertN said...

docgelo, that's what I told my wife but she did not buy it LOL.

sheng,I think body tattoos are there to be seen and appreciated but I do not understand why some of them are located in places that cannot be displayed in public without being arrested for indecent exposure LOL.

bing, my wife said I am a dirty old man with a rich imagination LOL.

BlogusVox, you bet it was! I was hoping to see the rest of the design with the help of gravity.

George said...

Tattoos -- living statues -- I had no idea that ruins could be so interesting.

Rizalenio said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rizalenio said...

The tattoo! Hahahaha. The Fake Genuine Watches! Hahahaha.

Funny, Sir bertN. Happy Weekend.

Love all the ruin photos. :)

bertN said...

George, didn't know that too.

Rizalenio, have a great weekend yourself. Keep shooting and share the pics of your officemates with us. How can you be so lucky at work!

Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

"I find the tattooed back of this tourist more interesting than the ruins"

hahaa, pero seriously ang ganda ng ruins nila dun ah!

rob said...

.. kung ako bert magpose na rin ako like a statue dun sa ruins, hehe.

The Nomadic Pinoy said...

You always give me a chuckle with your photo captions - now I wonder if have a tattoo yourself hidden somewhere? :)
I haven't been to this part of Turkey - looks very popular with tourists eh?

Tito Eric said...

The tattoo, the "wanna be" statue, and the genuine fake watches ... too much! Lol!

The historical information must've been exhausting with all those ruins!

RJ said...

I love the marble sculptures!

Like the tattooed back of the tourirst, those ruins are interesting too!

bertN said...

Christian, magaganda nga yung ruins but after a while magsasawa ka na rin.

rob, that's an idea!

The Nomadic Pinoy, I actually saw more tourists than locals LOL.

Tito Eric, too much historical info for my aging brain LOL.

RJ, given a choice you know which one I'll spend more time on.

rolly said...

inggit ako!

bertN said...

Christian, maganda nga yung mga ruins but after sometime you get an overload of them.

rob, I thought about that!

The Nomadic Pinoy, in some places we visited there were more tourists than locals.

Tito Eric, the historical info is too much for my aging brain to digest LOL.

RJ, I agree.

rolly, Turkey is not a distant destination for you.

Photo Cache said...

pang ilang balik mo na dito sir? i want to go back there at least once para fully enjoy the place.

bertN said...

Christian, magaganda nga ang mga ruins but after a while you get an overload of them.

rob, I thought about that LOL.

The Nomadic Pinoy, all the places we visited in Turkey were teeming with tourists.

Tito Eric, after a while the historical info starts to give you a headache.

RJ, the live ones are more interesting LOL.

rolly, you'll have your chance, sooner or later.

Photo Cache, my first time in Turkey. I want to go back and do an extended land tour sometime. Please no sir naman.

bertN said...

rolly, marami kang pagkakataon na makarating kung saan-saan, it's just a matter of time.

Photo Cache, first ko palang sa Turkey. I think I will come back sometime and do a land tour. It's a very interesting country. Please no "sir" naman.

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dodong flores said...

I love ruins and I think that's one of the great experience when visiting Turkey.

Don't you have a close up of that tattoo in the back of the tourist? Hehehe. Just kidding...